Essays can be written by different ways depending on audience and purpose author pursues, how he is going to achieve it. To this end there are a lot of essay types, for example, should animals be used for research? Why do you need to know different types of this work? The fact is that knowing them will help you direct essay writing to certain direction, without chaotic expressing your thoughts.

If you chose basic argumentative essay, your work will be reduced to convincing reader of something with strong arguments or encouraging them to take action. Writing your essays involve several stages. They include task understanding, topic defining, collecting information, organizing information collected, developing main thesis statements, writing first draft.

The main task of writing argumentative essay is to persuade audience by some way with arguments advanced and specific essay terms, words and phrases used to maintained idea; help the reader realize importance and relevance of topic, compare different points view and express your opinion on certain theme. Motivation to concrete actions can be added to conviction. For example, you intend to convince someone to join particular organization. You should logically build all available facts about activities of this organization: describe by concrete examples and illustrations its achievement, mention the fact of benefits that it has brought to other people and its members, state your opinion why membership of this organization will be useful. Speaking with work may result in new members of organization.

We give example of such paper:

Experiments and researches on animals are necessity or barbarism?

In the world, 150 million animals being used to experiments die per year. Every year millions lives animals are taken off by painful experiments. Experiments animals and animals for research are burned, scalded, poisoned, starved, subjected to electrical shocks and accustomed to drugs, cause stomach ulcers, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, syphilis, AIDS. They remove zoon’s eyes surgically, cause bone fractures and brain damage. In military animal studies, creatures are poisoned with gas, cyanides. The can be shot with plastic bullets and shells. We entered third millennium and progress, spiritual and physical, demands that all obstacles on road to civilized development be eliminated. It makes no sense to test new drugs and treatments on beasts.

85% of experiments conducted over past 100 years with goal of developing new drugs and methods of treatment fall for period from 1950 to present. The average life expectancy is practically unchanged. Number of chronic diseases continues to grow.

Because of anatomical and physiological differences between humans and animals, using animals research, testing drugs and new methods of treatment is inefficient and dangerous. Biomedical research says that morphine soothes people, excites cats. Aspirin is toxic to cats, penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs. Animal testing also did not show carcinogenic effect on human asbestos, which was subsequently identified. Before getting pharmacy counter, drugs undergo numerous tests 15-20 years. At stage of clinical trials, 90% of drugs are discarded.

3.500 asthma patients who used isoprenaline aerosol inhalers after having been tested on dogs died. Recent scandal with the largest German concern Bayer, when 52 people were killed after taking the drug, proved that difference between processes occurring in animals and humans bodies negates advisability of testing drugs this way.

Medicine progress is associated with clinical observations of patients. This is treatment of diseases including hepatitis, rheumatism, typhoid, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, etc. “War against cancer” began 1971, but never succeeded, despite the fact that cost of experiments exceeded one billion dollars. Study of AIDS has no benefit from animal experiments.

Drug testing requires huge financial costs. This money could be spent on advertising campaign of healthy lifestyle: need to take medicines would be reduced to minimum. To date, a number of centers have been developed alternatives. Instead of experimental beasts, they used research of single-celled organisms, bacteria; test used physico-chemical methods, cell cultures, computer models. These methods are effective, accurate and require less financial costs. Alternatives make it possible to detect toxicity of tested drugs at cellular and subcellular level.

Promising alternative to experimental medicine is naturopathy. It eliminates need of testing string of medicines that destroy body defenses; offers its own approach to health improvement. This approach is aimed at preventing diseases and normalizing metabolic processes. Another alternative is homeopathy, which trains human immunity.

Animal research includes testing cosmetics, construction, packaging materials, cleaning means and other products. Draize test is carried out following way. A rodent is put test substance on eye; they wait until corneal damage occurs. The head rabbit is fixed with special collar, it can not even rub eye with paw, which applied preparation corrodes. Test ends with cornea becoming cloudy, eye dying.

There is movement “Beauty without cruelty”, which supports cosmetics made without animal products and not tested on them. People with theiringenuity can reduce need of tested animals, applying alternative methods and not causing damage to their health and well-being.

This is one of many examples. If you start writing paper, it is worth familiarizing yourself with structure of already finished work. This will help you to properly compose and present your thoughts and will be key to successful writing essay.

This assignment shows your erudition. Before you begin text, read different article concerning your topic. This will help you expand horizons and memorize new, phrases, clichés and words you can use in work. You should write your thoughts on issue, but try not to use structures of following kind: “I’m sure that …”, “I know that …”, etc. Write more softly. Phrases “It seems to me …”, “In my opinion …” will sound formal and correct in relation to other people’s opinion.

Academic writing is obligatory element of any school and university program. there are situations when a student does not have time to write it because of his workload. The best way out of this situation is to order an essay from someone who will make it promptly and efficiently.