20 Jul, 2017

Should Animals Be Used for Research Argumentative Essay: Writing Strategies

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Animal testing is a challenging topic that requires a lot of work and research to write a good argumentative paper. Your arguments and ideas should be unique because many students have expressed their thoughts earlier. Look for an interesting angle. Look at this issue from your fresh perspective to succeed. Don’t forget to use examples, stats, and other types of evidence to make your paper look professional. Don’t get too emotional in it. Keep in mind that too much persuasion will prevent the audience from reading your ‘should animals be used for research’ argumentative essay. Make it informative and interesting.

Should animals be used for cosmetic research argumentative essay: Find a good topic

Start with picking the topic that you understand and like. There are many questions that animal testing raises. Give your solutions to this problem to come up with original ideas. Use these topics for your inspiration:

  • Why is the cosmetic industry more important than the lives of animals?
  • What animals can be used in tests?
  • Why is this type of research important?
  • Do people need to stop taking drugs to save animals?
  • Do animals get affected during research tests?

Argumentative essay outline on should animals used for research

A strong essay has a logical and well-organized structure. Make sure it contains body paragraphs, concluding and introductory parts. Learn to format this academic paper correctly.


It’s the first part of your essay. Start it with a catchy hook, such as a famous quote, a rhetorical question, etc. It will help you grab the attention of readers. Provide them with some background information and include a strong thesis to state your opinion.


It’s the largest section where you need to develop strong arguments and refute opposing views. Choose unique ideas that you can prove with evidence. Body paragraphs should contain supporting facts, quotes, or stats to prove your in-depth research. Write a separate paragraph to contradict the opposition.


It’s the last part of your paper on animal testing that requires you to achieve these basic goals:

  • Restate the importance of your chosen topic.
  • Reminding major ideas.

This paragraph concludes the entire essay and makes the audience think about your research outcomes. Don’t make it too opinionated.

Feel free to modify the above-stated standard format based on the requirements of your teachers.

Argumentative essay on should animals be used for research: Five steps

These simple steps will help you understand how to start and complete this assignment without feeling frustrated. Take them to learn where to find interesting ideas, how to create a strong thesis, and what questions to answer.

  1. Use reliable sources of information to find useful ideas. Review relevant magazines, websites, books, and other sources to find test data, statistics, and so on.
  2. Why is it important? What can people do about it? Why is it essential? Answer these questions to choose arguments and their supporting ideas.
  3. Create a powerful thesis and prepare evidence to prove its credibility and validity.
  4. Follow your outline to make an argumentative essay sound logical and let readers follow your thoughts without losing their focus.
  5. Avoid using jokes or slang because animal testing is a serious subject. Don’t use any idiomatic expressions. Stick to formal language.

There are some extra steps that will guide you to academic success. Take notes when conducting research and cite reliable sources. Proofread a final draft to make sure it has no spelling or other mistakes. Ask others to help you edit your paper to get useful tips on improving its content.

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