15 Aug, 2019

Ultimate Guide How to Write Argumentative Essay Conclusion in 2019: Tips & Examples

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Psychologists say it is the very last part of the conversation that is best remembered. The same rules apply to academic writing, in particular, to argumentative essay writing. No surprise it is the introduction and conclusion that the teacher reads most attentively. Therefore, you should focus all your efforts on writing the opening and concluding parts of your piece. So how to write a conclusion, which sounds reasonable, summing-up, and all-covering? Let’s take a closer look at the task.

Important aspects of article summary writing

It is impossible to write a good concluding part of an article without digging deeply into the topic. When working on the final part of your paper, it is necessary to carefully reread the entire piece, to highlight the main idea of ​​each section, and collect all the main points in one list. A concluding part should not duplicate the history information but just highlight the most important data so a reader could understand what message you are delivering by simply looking at the final part of an argumentative essay.

There are some helpful rules and requirements for the conclusions to be followed if you want to make the concluding part an all-covering element of your work. They helped many students a lot:

  • There should be a clear correlation with the essay thesis statement and topic being under discussion.
  • It should contain your main arguments and a thesis statement.
  • You should never duplicate a thesis statement in the concluding part; instead, use different words to restate the idea.
  • Do not forget about clarity and unambiguous wording.

Your conclusion should be briefly written. Each sentence in it should make sense to both you and the reader. Excessive wordiness will simply distract the reader and spoil the general impression of your article.

The summary should be commensurate with the argumentative essay itself. So if the article takes 3 pages, it is inappropriate to have a concluding part covering more than one page. According to the general principle, the conclusion should be 5-10% of the entire piece; accordingly, in a three-page argumentative essay, it should be about a third of a page.

Tips for essay conclusion writing from the expert community

It is fitting that teachers advise students to write a conclusion at the very end of their work. There is a logical explanation for it. It is simply impossible to write an effective conclusion without having a ready-made intro and body. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when drafting the last paragraph of an article:

  • The argumentative essay conclusion should be based on the facts and argument set forth in the main part of the work.
  • The final part of the article should be consistent with the entire paper content. The article concluding part should not contain fundamentally new facts but only generalizations of everything mentioned earlier.
  • The writing style of the conclusion should correspond to the style of the entire piece. If the work is written in a formal tone, it is not a good idea to make the conclusion emotionally bright. Otherwise, it will look like being artificially attached.
  • The main thing for the reader is to understand that the article is complete, and a logical conclusion is the main signal for that. In other words, an argumentative essay conclusion will let a reader revisit the main points from the piece and remember them well.

Apart from the above, experts recommend students to avoid writing too long and wordy conclusions that retell the entire argumentative essay from scratch. Use short and straight-to-the-point formulations instead.

Types of article conclusion writing

There are several approaches to how to finish an argumentative essay. You can follow any of them and complete your writing successfully.

1. Rhetorical question

If the argumentative essay was written in the form of questions and answers, you can complete it with a rhetorical question. Thus, you will force the readers to think about the information they read and formulate a summary themselves.


A rhetorical question does not imply a concrete answer, for example, how long will our people suffer from flagrant injustice. This question does not imply an answer; it instead makes a reader think that it is time to change something.

2. Summarizing of the author’s position

It is the classic approach to essay conclusion writing. It is enough to simply summarize the information discussed earlier in the text.


This type of summary can be started with the words “so,” “thus,” “all in all,” “having analyzed… it can be concluded”. It makes a conclusion work even better, you may include a call to action in the concluding paragraph of an argumentative essay.

3. Using quotes

It is much easier to use a quotation in the epigraph, but it is sometimes relevant to have it in the conclusion. Using this technique, you can immediately catch the attention of your reader and draw it to the needed part. The conclusion should have something in common with the introduction. The simplest option is to write a question in the introduction and have it answered in the conclusion.

Basic ways for writing conclusions — do not avoid this part

The basic method of argumentative essay summary writing should be chosen long before the essay is completed — preferably even before beginning work on the text. The approach depends on a type of essay you are working on, a topic selected, as well as your writing style. There is no right and wrong here. So you can pick any “strategy” from the list.

  • Start working on an essay from the body and write a summary right after the intro is ready. Thus, you will be 100% sure there is a match between the opening and concluding parts and that they match.
  • When writing a body part, collect all main points in a list and discuss them in the very last part of an article;
  • Use a thesis statement as the backbone of an essay concluding part.

You can follow all the three approaches when writing an essay or avoid any of them. It will assure your success and high grades for an assignment. As an alternative solution, you can always order essay writing from real community experts of the business and rest assured about paper quality. Forget about the hassle — let professionals write papers for you!

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