15 Jun, 2019

50 Best Topics for Your Argumentative Essay: How to Pick a Good One

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There are many papers that high-school and college students need to submit. An argumentative essay is a popular type of assignment. Don’t mix it with persuasive essays. Complete it as a part of a student’s homework or class activity. Teachers assign this type of writing to children in schools to check their English and critical thinking ability and see how well they demonstrate their knowledge and argue different views. It takes a lot of work to write an original piece and convince people to agree with you. Everything starts with picking the best argumentative essay topics. These are creative ideas to facilitate research efforts. If you find it hard to select the juiciest topic, read this article to get helpful information. It will make your life easier and save time on social activities.

A great idea for your argumentative essay: Effective ways to choose

The best argumentative essay topics are easy to find in the age of technological progress, economic changes, and political debates. Choosing a good subject is a responsible stage, and it’s not easy for most students. Sticking to contradictive subjects is not a bad idea. It helps you impress readers. Avoid moral issues as they don’t support any logical discussion. Find the ideas relevant to society and give clear reasons to choose your stance. Put enough criticism and analysis of different problems. Post a strong argument as it’s a great way to get started and persuade professors. Apply effective approaches based on your academic field. Once you decide on the right subject, start working on the action plan or outline.

Perfect argumentative essay topics: Basic characteristics

Focus on a single subject in your paper or you’ll only confuse readers. Make a firm, debatable, and clear thesis. It’s not allowed to cover different issues at once as they’ll lose interest in reading. Besides, you have a limited number of words. Avoid discussing global or national problems because they require long pages. Don’t include useless examples or descriptions. Argumentative essay topics have these characteristics:

  • Debatable
  • Current
  • Manageable
  • Researchable

Look at the following list of popular argumentative essay topics. They’re worth considering and fit different areas. You can change them according to teachers’ requirements.

Common argumentative essay topics

  • Was Shakespeare real?
  • Are changes in the taxation system necessary?
  • The growing number of teenage mothers.
  • Are girls very mean?
  • Does fashion play a big role today?
  • How long does a modern movie take?
  • Do people influence global climate change?
  • Is college admission too tough?
  • Military service: men and women.
  • Test scores indicate individual competency.
  • Today’s aggressive feminism: negative and positive outcomes.
  • Celebrities fail political careers.
  • The death penalty is effective.
  • Animals in experiments and testing.

Argumentative essay topics on social media, sports, and technology

  • How cigarettes affect well-being?
  • Is it alright to market to a child?
  • Does the government have its right to view personal profiles?
  • Are cell phones harmful to people?
  • Can employees find a new job on social media?
  • Are young people dependent on computers?
  • Earning good money on social media.
  • What will the world look like in the next century?
  • Front-end development and its future.
  • Spy apps on mobile phones invade privacy.
  • Corporations use chips to control all employees: is it ethical?
  • Are teenagers reliant on information technologies?
  • Modifying consumer behavior: Critical factors.
  • Video games that teens play increase violence.
  • Is cheating in sports appropriate?
  • Do competitions prove individual competence?
  • Legal alternatives to steroids and their use.
  • Participation in sports keeps teenagers out of trouble.

Social and health-related argumentative essay topics

  • The government must provide the nation with premium-quality medical care.
  • How much water should people drink each day?
  • Technological devices can cause cancer.
  • Laws against alcohol usage.
  • How vegetarians survive.
  • Self-treatment or going to the hospital: Benefits and drawbacks.
  • Effective ways to deal with naughty teens in a family.
  • Fast food and its health risks.
  • Does age matter in personal relationships?
  • Treating abortion as a crime.
  • Low prices on condoms can prevent teen pregnancy.
  • Paternity leave from work: male employees.

Argumentative essay topics for middle and high school

  • How can parents punish their kids effectively?
  • Public schools need to add creationism to educational programs.
  • Metal music must be banned because of its violent lyrics.
  • Making friends virtually.
  • The student’s right to critique and evaluate teachers.
  • Tracing a person over the Internet.
  • School uniforms and their role.
  • Education in China: is it better than the system in the United States?
  • Globalization: Pros and cons.
  • Homeschooling is an effective alternative.
  • College tuition fees are too high.
  • Attending same-sex schools: advantages.
  • India is a genuine superpower.

Useful tips on writing a successful argumentative essay

Follow these expert guidelines to craft an excellent piece of writing. Feel free to discuss different subjects in contemporary life. Stay away from the fantastic matter because you must sound realistic, give real-life examples, and use solid facts. That’s why choosing the above-stated ideas will always work. Include a catchy hook to capture people’s attention. It can be anything from a literary quote and a rhetorical question to a famous saying.

Don’t use first-person perspectives, though you can share personal views. Read relevant sources to find the ideas opposing your stance. Take strong evidence only from updated and creative sources and include it in the main body. Avoid subjects without any opposing opinions. Select an original idea and stay unbiased while proving your viewpoint. These elements will support your research:

  • Judgments
  • Supportive arguments
  • Expert feedback
  • Clear criteria

End your paper with a catchy call to action to sell your point and make readers want to discuss it again or continue their research.

Formatting argumentative essays: Important principles

Mention every source you use in your essay separately to format it correctly. Take notes to add a new quote as this information can help you write a bibliography easier and faster. The right format affects final grades. There are different citation styles to choose from, and they all have unique rules. The most popular ones include APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard, ACS, etc. For example, computer science students use IEEE references.

Most professors assign the required format, but there are some general rules to follow to avoid copyright infringement. Conduct extra research before you start writing. Use helpful templates as they have all the key formatting elements. Control your fonts, margins, indents, and other important features. Each citation style has a unique approach to references. In-text citations can be either author-date style or numerical.

These guidelines will help you choose amazing argumentative essay topics and write a brilliant piece. If you need help with outlining, formatting, or editing, contact educational professionals. Talk to them about your problems, and they’ll solve them very fast. Use our top-quality professional services online. Order an original paper from us to relieve your workload and improve marks.

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