To write an argumentative paper is one of the most difficult tasks for many students. An author, during writing, conducts a kind of internal dialogue (evaluates statements, proofs and support, assumptions, hidden arguments, and internal contradictions) and comes to fact that one opinion becomes preferable, despite that people can disagree with it: two or more reasonable opinions on a given topic should be used. Argumentative essays address various topics: from public-political to personal. Here’s an example of an argumentative essay on sex education in schools; foremost let’s have a look at its structure. It includes an introduction, thesis presentation, the expectation of objection and conclusion.  The pre-preparatory part determines what information to include, who refers to, how to interpret facts, what methodology to choose.

Look at an example of interesting argumentative essay:

Should sexual education be implemented in school?

Sex is a topic that you cannot avoid if you went with children to zoo. This has been urgent issue for discussing: meaning of such education for children in both middle and high school. This definition includes any training course, which tells about intimacies. It can be pure physiology, psychology of relationships, information about gender roles. Contrary to popular beliefs, sex education program is necessary not for college students, it is needed to people of all ages.

You should pay attention to two factors in the beginning. Introductory statement is familiarity with topic (sex education debate), its background, purpose; we used joking to meet reader’s eye. Thesis statement is position to be argued (necessity of this program).

World’s sex education classes were appeared because of practical necessity – combating sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. To implement sex education is necessary to improve life quality. Within families with many children, parents would be happy not to give birth to them – but they knew nothing about methods of family planning.

We outline arguments maintaining chosen position. The most common method is justification by statements and facts.

In 1956 mandatory lessons on this topic were introduced in Swedish school curriculum, 1964 school students stopped saying that sexual intercourse beyond marriage is unacceptable. The Swedish education system is considered progressive. To date it includes discussion of different aspects of close relationships between people and everything that can affect them, including talking about alcohol, discussing gender issues and pupils’ views about their own bodies.

Each paragraph should contain one argument or fact.

Sex education programs should be adapted to children of different ages and should be given according to age and form that will be understandable and accessible to child. From age of two, child can and should be told about ideas of consent and refusal. With schoolchildren it is worth discussing more “adult truth about sex”: sexual orientation, unprotected sex etc.

Thesis statement will be more convincing if we provide to our reasoning opposite statement, giving it critical analysis. You can offer compromise solution, some way climbing down opposite opinion.

Opponents sex education claims teaching sex education harm kids psyche. It is wrong. With correct lessons students are taught to cope with complexes about their own appearance, their body, and prevent harassment by classmates.

Conclusion should show reasonableness and validity of chosen position. To achieve this purpose, final part of the essay should generalize main proof-points with evidence and examples; re-formulate thesis to emphasize its meaning (it is possible to repeat it word-for-word or rephrase); discuss perspective of the main thesis.

Conservative approach is ineffective. In conservative states teenagers start sexual activity, are poorly protected and become pregnant at young age. Studies of Catholic Northern Ireland have shown, where sex education is poor developed, abortion is prohibited by law. Comprehensive sex education is promotion of health, not immorality.

You can not copy our example of essay, because all academic works are tested with an anti-plagiarism system. But you can use it as pattern.