24 Jul, 2017

What Is a Claim in an Argumentative Essay?

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A winning argumentative essay always contains a strong thesis. Its basic function is to clear your stand and provide the main argument. Consider it as a key definition of the claim. How to write a claim? It’s an important point of your paper because it gives the audience reasoning to think about. Your claim should be debatable to interest readers. Make sure it can prove your stance strongly.

What Is a Claim in an Argumentative Essay?

A claim is always a debatable argument, not a personal opinion. It defines your essay purpose and its scope. Make a claim to support your major idea and catch readers’ attention. It creates important questions in their minds so that they start searching for answers in your paper.

How to Write a Claim: Different Types

There are different types of claims. Learn their differences to avoid making a confusing statement and understand how to write a claim. It can be:

  • Definitive;
  • Opposing;
  • Cause and effect;
  • A claim of value, etc.

How to Write a Claim for an Argumentative Essay

A claim statement defines if other people will want to keep reading your essay. Follow certain rules to succeed and make this task easier:

  1. Pick and explore an interesting topic.
  2. Ask a question and answer it with a thesis.
  3. Define the goal of your argumentative essay.
  4. Take a stand for a particular issue.
  5. Take a different approach to your subject.

A topic is the first point to consider. Choose the one you’re interested in to make your efforts more fruitful. After making this choice, explore a narrow issue. You’ll end up with many aspects, but find the one that will let you prove a claim.

Which Question Can Help a Writer Analyze a Prompt and Develop a Claim for an Argumentative Essay?

A thesis statement is a certain question. Write your claim as an answer to it. Think about this question and give the best answer. It will be your argument or central point. Determine the main goal of your argumentative essay because a claim depends on it. Write something that will change readers’ opinions. Set up a point of view and claim it with supporting points.

Take a stand for one major issue. Although your paper will discuss many aspects, it’s necessary to focus on addressing a single issue. It’s the main point, and your argumentative essay will revolve around it. Follow this issue throughout your paper.

To make a claim more interesting and sustainable, take a different approach to your topic and arguments. Consider a new way to convey important definitions, facts, or ideas. Write a thesis with a strong argument to keep readers interested.

Argumentative Essay Claim Outline: Write It Correctly

Knowing what a claim is and its different types isn’t enough to get good scores. You also need to know how to write a claim. Take the following factors into account:

Choose something you can prove

Writing some ambiguous claims is a bad idea because these are hard to prove. Make a claim that you’ll prove in an argumentative essay. Get prepared for that to avoid wasting your time later. A thesis is a final point, so write a claim with strong arguments and facts in mind. These must be strong and true to support it. Don’t state who is wrong and who is right. Stick to a claim that is easy to support. Avoid complex theories if you have no knowledge about them. Get ready for answering readers’ questions about a claim.

Write a claim correctly

A claim conveys your position with enough support. It lets readers know what your argumentative essay is all about. A claim must also tell them how you’ll prove your stance. A thesis isn’t a final fact. Make a strong stand for a key argument that you’ll support with evidence to write a claim correctly.

Use a firm and definite tone

Identify it as the author’s claim. Pay close attention to your tone, phrases, and words to make it form and definitive.

Put a claim in the right place

A claim plays a huge role in your argumentative essay, so you need to put it in the right place. Readers expect to see it at the beginning. Its placement also depends on your essay length.

Keep a claim short. It shouldn’t be longer than a few clear lines. The audience should get your point with no confusion. Don’t write any complex sentences. Make a claim interesting and simple for readers.

Final Words

A claim helps students strengthen their standpoints. Use the above-stated tips to write a strong one in your argumentative essay. Don’t hesitate to get professional help if you struggle with this academic task. Our competent and experience online writers are always there to solve your problems!

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