24 Jul, 2017

Argumentative Essay Structure: Important Components

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When students write argumentative papers, it’s necessary to set their emotions aside. To complete this assignment successfully, base your arguments only on logic and facts. This type of academic writing involves a lot of research and structuring important findings into the argument that highlights your points in a well-organized manner. A strong argumentative paper requires a structured format. It’s a common assignment, but many students fail to complete it correctly. Master a proper argumentative essay structure to succeed.

Argumentative essay structure: Prewriting activities

No single structure fits all argumentative papers because each one has its unique goals. Consider the targeted audience to use the right pattern and format. Before you start writing your essay, take these simple prewriting steps:

  1. Pick an interesting topic that you feel passionate about. It should be a controversial or debatable issue to find a lot of supporting information.
  2. Conduct in-depth research to collect strong data to support your position and know opposing points. You need to refute them in your argumentative essay.
  3. Organize your research. Determine the strongest arguments and find evidence to support each one. Identify opposing points and gather enough information to refute them all.

A sample structure of an argumentative essay

Its structure is quite similar to other academic papers. To end up with a strong argumentative essay structure, follow this sample format:

  • Introductory paragraph
  • The body with a few paragraphs
  • A paragraph to refute opposing points
  • Conclusion

Focus on supporting your argument instead of the opposition. Include opposing views only to prove your judgments and points.

How to structure an argumentative essay

Everything starts with a catchy introduction. Find an interesting and powerful hook to catch readers’ attention. Know your audience because different readers may need different approaches.

Don’t write too much in the introduction. You only need to name a particular topic and share background information. Explain why it matters and who should care about it. Besides, work on a strong thesis or your main argument. State your position clearly without asking any questions.

Work on your arguments

Support every claim you make with relevant and strong evidence. What is the claim? Why use evidence in your argumentative essay?

  • Claims are statements that support your thesis.
  • No one will believe you without strong evidence.
  • Evidence is reliable stats and facts that you find during research.
  • Your personal knowledge or experiences aren’t pieces of evidence.
  • Use sources carefully.
  • Add opposing points because readers think your assumptions are subjective without them.

Looking at opposing views

All people can have different opinions on the same issue. Don’t forget that when working on a paragraph where you refute opposing views. Personal ideas must be supported by strong facts. Use enough evidence to prove your stance for every opposing argument that you include in your essay.

How to conclude an argumentative paper

When arguing different points, some readers may lose their focus. Remind them of your subject and its importance by restating a thesis. You also need to make it clear for everyone why your main argument is winning.

The importance of revisions

It’s easy to structure and write a rough draft of your argumentative essay after conducting research, gathering evidence, and following its outline. However, the process doesn’t stop at this point. You should proofread and edit a rough draft to fix its grammar, style, and punctuation. If you lack good skills, ask others to help you. Read your paper out loud to catch possible mistakes.

What if you need professional help?

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