31 Mar, 2011

Writing argumentative essay line by line

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Writing an argumentative essay is one of types of research work, allowing you to consider specific problem from different point views. It is aimed at development of skills and abilities that one needs establish clear position and well-founded presentation of his or her opinion.

We offer argumentative essay outline and step-by-step scheme of this work.

  • Decide your essay content: what you will tell about. Content question can be formulated following way: what were you asked to write about; what you are going to present in paper your readers? The content should consider following parameters:
    • Teachers’ specific topic forecast will complicates task – everyone will write argumentative essay about identical things. Repetition is inevitable. It is easy to get lost in number of other works. Catchphrases quoted many times can spoil and make your essay boring and monotonous, because you do not know what other people will write about and how many times the same phrase will be found in different works. It is worthwhile seeking unhackneyed phrases and original thoughts, trying to emphasize your individuality. Introduce your topic with fresh, non-standard approach highlighting your work. Story that since childhood you have been dreaming of becoming school teacher is definitely not creative and innovative.
    • Essay length, pages number and overall presentation of material – all this is essential during writing argumentative essay. Follow your paper’s requirements your purpose; deviations are able to worsen your work.
    • Consider with whom you are going to speak through your paper and whom you want to convince with it: you need to write argument paper addressesing specific naratees.
  • Study material to get confirmation of your arguments.
    • Draw on classical researches, try to quote recognized authorities, authors of concepts and approaches; it is necessary to be well-oriented in this material. Do not be lazy to brush up on basics of discipline on which you write argument essay. Take into account that time goes by, what was written in XIX-XX century is not relevant.
    • Specify in detail where this or that fact was taken, correctly form quote, without necessity to re-do it.
    • Do not ignore debatable issue, facts and statements that do not support your thesis. Good argumentative author either mentions other opinions and brings effective argument against them, presenting evidence support his own judgment, or mentions other opinions and changes his viewpoint under their influence.
  • Decide thesis statement.
    • Look at ideas you expressed. Choose 1-3 to support your topic and be ready to confirm them with arguments and use evidence from preliminary research, which can include investigation of famous authors’ works, news, literary sources
    • Write argumentative thesis that would be summary of main ideas: this is necessary for readers to understand what you are talking about and why. Good thesis should be brief and focused on your topic. Main statement should not be question, be written from the first person, have nothing to do with topic or have controversial character.
  • Make essay plan. Use all that you develop during preparation, formulate theme of your main ideas in one sentence, make arguments list maintaining general statement.
  • Write body paragraphs. You need to think about volume: if you are expected to make 5 paragraphs, do not write 5 pages. You can write with freeewrite method to put on paper your thoughts in form of consciousness stream and make them more convincing.
  • Draw conclusion.
    • Summarize all of your arguments and suggest options which conclusion can be used. Answer questions: “What conclusions can be drawn if thesis was true?”, “What’s next?”, “What questions were not answere?” Arguments you give should push naratee to logical conclusion. Relatively speaking, composing conclusion you re-enter thesis to help reader remember what he is reading.
    • Elaborate final sentence. If the title task and introduction serve to persuade reader to read your work, task of final sentence is to get reader to remember your work. If gymnast, having elegantly performed, will not be able to land correctly after exercise, hardly anyone will remember his performance. The gymnast should finish performance better than exercise itself. The same is required from author of essay.

You can use this scheme either to structure the you work or of writing an argumentative essay or even an essay of different type.

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