15 May, 2019

Writing a Winning Argumentative Essay: Effective Tactics and Tips

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Many college students in the world wonder how to write an argumentative essay properly. Its main purpose is to convince readers of a specific opinion. Teachers expect you to use convincing arguments to defend your stance. What are the secrets of making opponents believe you? What is this type of writing? How to structure it correctly? Read the following guide to discover background information on the topic. First, you need to choose a good issue and think of the best way to present it. Look for interesting ideas. Any argument essay contains an introduction with a strong thesis statement, body paragraphs with the evidence you gather after research to support your position, and a conclusion.

Basic steps to submit winning argumentative essays

How to write an argumentative essay? Begin with these basic elements and guidelines that students must follow to succeed:

  • Preparation
  • Structure
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Editing


Take these easy steps to prepare for writing an argument essay:

  • Choose a great topic
  • Pick your side
  • Use a statement appealing to emotions
  • Consider the audience
  • Conduct research
  • Think about possible objections
  • Organize evidence

The problem you’re arguing and describing should be contradictory and have more than a single point of view. Find something you’re interested in. Taking a narrow subject is not a bad idea. Avoid broad statements as teachers expect you to disclose a specific thing.

Pick a particular side or perspective and convince each reader of its logical supremacy and legitimacy over other views. Using opposing points is a must. Show people your position is right. If you find it difficult to consider strong defense against opposing opinions, rethink your argument essay topic.

State the argument appealing to emotions to give the audience a possibility to connect with your words. People argue rationally in rare cases. That’s why you can change their mind by using strong arguments. Provide rational reasons to improve your content quality. However, things will get complex if you decide to introduce the subject which isn’t related to any feelings. Consider your readers and give answers to a few questions to understand how strong your viewpoints must be:

  • Will they disagree or agree with your stance?
  • Which side are they on?
  • Will they be indecisive or indifferent?

Conduct in-depth research to find enough evidence to support your stance. Cite relevant sources in your essay, including studies, articles, etc. Use expert statements, logical arguments, and facts. Even your personal experience can be a helpful source. Take into account possible objections. It’s necessary to anticipate counter-arguments and rebut them. Try to overrule them with solid evidence to sound persuasive. Organize all facts and present the best one in the end.

These are general steps. Use them as a sample to draft a winning argument essay. Combine several tactics if you want it to impress English professors.

Argumentative essay structure

Before working on your paper, create its short outline. The body section should correspond with key arguments. For example, when drafting a five-paragraph essay, discuss each major argument separately. Acknowledge the opposing sides and discover common grounds to win. Refute counter-arguments to convince readers.

Make your essay introduction effective. Start it with an attention grabber or a hook. Feel free to use a curious fact, a famous quote, or a relevant anecdote. It’s the first sentence that attracts readers’ attention. If you feel like it’s impossible to create a hook, take further steps and come back to it later. A thesis statement is an important part that does the following:

  • Introduces a topic
  • States your opinion
  • Tells the audience how you’re going to prove it

Make your thesis statement focused and specific to let others know what the author will debate. Include a smooth transition in the last sentence.

Focus body paragraphs on a single issue. Include facts and references to support all claims. They all should lead readers to arguments. Each time when you make an original claim, don’t forget to support it. Challenge the audience to re-evaluate their viewpoints. Write three body paragraphs to justify points and check how they flow together.

Close your argumentative essay by summarizing major points or rephrasing a thesis statement. Put a central idea in its broader context. Let a final sentence make people want to learn more. Include a useful recommendation, a call to action, or an open question to give them hints.

Tips on polishing your argumentative essay

When a final draft is ready, take a break before checking whether it’s convincing and logical. Make the revisions necessary to improve its content. Your paper should be appropriate to the main purpose, audience, and context. Your message must be effective and controversial. Make sure an argumentative essay can connect with readers, serve a basic purpose, and explain the right context. How to revise a written assignment? Follow these simple rules.

Read it out loud a few times to ensure your essay is strong. Pay attention to sentence structures, wording, and ideas. Don’t hesitate to change your paper, switch sentences, erase or add words, or fix other parts to make it sound concise. Ask other people to help you and check a finished work. They will provide fresh viewpoints and second opinions. Give answers to the following questions when revising an essay:

  • Are you the writer who provided a consistent outline, focus, and viewpoint?
  • Does it include any language mistakes in punctuation, spelling, or grammar?
  • Do you provide a clear understanding of a given matter?
  • Did you fix each error that may prevent readers from understanding your text properly?
  • Does it contain a well-presented idea with strong details, explanations, and facts?
  • Do you use different sentence structures?

When to get expert assistance

The formula for writing a winning essay is simple: introduce your opinion on a controversial subject, support it with strong facts, and consider opponents. You’ll submit a powerful paper thanks to these essential rules.

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