21 Jul, 2017

How to end an argumentative essay?

Category : tips on essay structure

We have already written about introduction’s significance to argumentative essay created on certain topic. Let’s consider how to make an argumentative essay conclusion.

The conclusion for argumentative paper should summarise the main research results in form of short description of author’s main points and arguments. It should be remembered that concluding paragraph is short (0.5 – 1.0 page).

Essay conclusion can contain indication of study implication, without excluding the relationship with other problems. You can end your essay with explanations in several sentences why this argument would be useful; briefly illustrate the way it can be done. It is useful to note possible directions for development of paper topic.

There is tendency: things that were told at the end are best remembered. Specialists advise to write conclusion of works of all types most elaborately and with research paper situation is the same. If you did not get distinguished work, you can make efforts to conclude essay in proper manner. Leave the reader with pleasant impression.

A good conclusion is:

  • not just summary; it should be thoughtful work completion, applying written to real situation.
  • Quintessence, that is, short list of basic ideas. It is worthwhile to refer to the beginning, restate the main judgments and draw parallels with help of the same keywords or images and appropriate wording. Do not repeat information from body paragraphs word for word.
  • reinforcement of ideas from the main part of work. Different types of essays require different endings: short work does not need detailed repetition of the main ideas, longer one may require it.
  • suggestive question, vivid, effective image,  quote, if it is appropriate.
  • forecast of results or consequences, possible solution, call to action.

Composing argumentative papers you should try to avoid the following moments:

  • To advance new ideas. If they are essential, place them into the main part.
  • Use an exculpatory tone. Be sure of your reasoning, avoid phrases “I may not be an expert” or “this is my opinion”.
  • To focus on little detail.
  • Refute significance of previous proof-points.

The final step is related to checking stylistics (checking spelling, punctuation, etc.) and consistency (content) of headings and subheadings, format, etc. During checking it is necessary to draw attention to argumentation of conclusions. Does the finished essay coincide with original author’s intentions in field of building the structure of work and conducting analysis?  Is the data used relevant, coherent and convincing?

This is a little information about paper conclusion; to be honest, it’s not easy to write it. If you are not sure of your abilities, contact us: our authors are experts in their field, who can definitely be entrusted with this work.