The Best Illustrative Essay Example: Answers to Common Questions

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The key idea of writing a strong illustrative essay is to prove your statement by using different examples. Every academic paper requires proving examples and supporting points. Drafting a good illustrative essay example is simple if you use strong examples, make your thesis, and conduct proper research to end up with winning points. These basic steps will help you make it sound reliable.

What is an illustrative essay example?

Illustrative papers explain a general idea through specific examples. This type of academic writing follows the same format as other assignments. However, make sure you don’t make it sound like a boring list of examples. Your basic goal is to show a specific aspect and ascertain that you explain every example in detail.

What is the role of an illustrative example in this essay?

Every example that you use must support and relate to a given topic or a thesis. Prove a statement by citing related stories, facts, experiences, etc. Otherwise, you’ll fail to submit a strong paper.

Illustrative essay example: Useful writing tips and ideas

Use small tricks to get a clear understanding of the basics of writing a good illustrative essay. They can make a huge difference in your grades:

  • Link all examples and ideas with special transition phrases and words because they make your paragraphs sound more logical.
  • Select the most relevant and important examples, but remember that your word count is limited to a few pages (don’t cram every idea into your essay).
  • Make them specific and include enough data to make it simple for the audience to see your position.
  • Stay specific to prevent readers from guessing the meaning of your writing.
  • Use illustrative phrases to give excellent examples.
  • Practice your skills to become a real writing expert.

Writing an impressive illustration paper can be a challenge if you lack enough skills and understanding, though it’s a fascinating academic assignment that requires practice and creativity to succeed. Use relevant facts and details to let readers visualize everything you’re trying to say.

Example of an illustrative essay structure: Key components

The structure of illustrative papers is standard and it contains body paragraphs, concluding and introductory parts. However, there are small differences that students need to consider when completing this academic assignment:

  • The introduction includes a thesis.
  • The main body offers strong examples that support it.
  • The conclusion states a final opinion to confirm that examples prove your point.

The introductory part with a thesis

A thesis is the main idea that you need to support in your illustrative essay by giving strong examples. The introduction must state the idea you support and the message you want to convey. A statement should be both challenging and argumentative. Feel free to use relevant stats, exciting facts, rhetorical questions, or other hooks to make this section sound intriguing.

Body paragraphs

The main body presents supporting examples to describe and prove your thesis. Conduct research to find good examples. Don’t forget to link them with the help of transition words. Set all examples in the correct order. Start with the strongest facts to leave readers with a good impression and make them believe what you’re saying.

The concluding section

After stating a thesis in the introduction and providing examples in the main body, write an impressive conclusion. Its basic purpose is to reiterate major ideas from other paragraphs in your illustrative essay. Make sure it convinces the audience that you prove your point. Don’t include any new examples in the conclusion.

Proofread a final draft when it’s ready. Ask other people to look at your illustrative essay to ensure that it has no errors that will compromise your marks. Amend every part that lacks strength and evidence.

Hopefully, the above-stated guidelines will help you boost your grades and writing skills. Follow them to end up with a perfect illustrative essay example. If you have too much workload, lack enough time, or have other problems, our online writing company can help. Seek expert assistance and relieve your academic burden!

The Best Capital Punishment Argumentative Essay: Tried and Tested Tricks

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To submit a great capital punishment argumentative essay, make sure you have a personal opinion on this matter and give enough evidence for readers to support it. Sometimes, students can’t decide on their position because they lack arguments. If you have the same problem, keep reading this helpful guide to understand what points to support in your paper.

Capital punishment definition

Capital punishment is also called the death penalty. It’s defined as a legal practice where people are killed by the state to punish them for the severe crimes they committed. Nowadays, this issue is associated with a lot of controversies.

Argumentative essay for capital punishment: Common mistakes

These inefficient strategies should be avoided because they’ll only waste your time:

  1. Clichés. These aren’t evidence, so they only take your space and reduce credibility. These are old and overused expressions that won’t add anything original or valuable to your piece of writing.
  2. Biased statements. This subject is emotionally charged. Focus on the right tone and avoid an angry rant.
  3. Basing arguments only on religion. Stay away from faith-based claims. Teachers expect you to use research-based facts from reliable sources, not religious texts.

The death penalty debate: Pros and cons

When researching this topic, you’ll find both pros and cons. Take into account the following arguments for the death penalty:

  • People who killed someone have no right to live in society because they can cause harm to others.
  • The society has the duty of taking away the lives of people who kill others.
  • The knowledge of capital punishment prevents people from committing serious crimes.

Why the death penalty should be abolished

  • Sometimes, innocent people are punished.
  • The death penalty is morally wrong because it makes society brutal and cruel.
  • Murder rates in countries with the death penalty are the same.

How to write a capital crime argumentative essay

To draft your paper the smart way, take these simple steps:

  1. Learn the basics of this assignment.
  2. Choose your focus.
  3. Find reliable sources.
  4. Outline and prewrite.
  5. Write your essay.

Learn the basics of your assignment

Understand your teacher’s requirements by giving answers to the following questions:

If you overlook any of these basic points, you’ll fail to submit a perfect argumentative essay.

Choose your focus

When writing about capital punishment, the first thought is about whether it should be legal or not. However, you can find more original topics. Once you choose the best one, make a powerful thesis to identify the focus of your paper. It should be debatable and let the audience know your stance. Make your thesis specific and clear.

Find credible sources

Conduct research to find updated and credible sources of information to support your opinion on capital punishment. For example, you can use journals, books, websites, etc.

Outline and prewrite

After defining your topic, thesis, focus, and sources, you need to organize information into a detailed outline. Take notes and prewrite to determine major ideas. Use this plan to put all arguments in place. Feel free to try clustering or listing instead of outlining.

Write a perfect draft

To submit a brilliant argumentative essay on capital punishment, write a catchy introduction, state key arguments and support them with evidence in the main body, and wrap all thoughts up with a remarkable conclusion.

Capital punishment argumentative essay: Writing tips

Use these simple tips to increase your chance to get high scores:

  • Include a few quotes of famous people to make your arguments sound more convincing;
  • Use real-life examples to make readers believe you;
  • Tell what well-known social organizations say about the death penalty to make your paper more credible.

Use this information to write a strong capital punishment argumentative essay. If these helpful ideas aren’t enough for you to achieve this goal, think about ordering a custom paper from our team of professional writers. Take advantage of top-quality online services. Get expert help to meet the highest academic standards with ease!

Sex education: argumentative essay example

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To write argumentative paper is one of the most difficult tasks to many students. An author, during writing, conducts a kind of internal dialogue (evaluates statements, proofs and support, assumptions, hidden arguments and internal contradictions) and comes to fact that one opinion becomes preferable, despite that people can disagree with it: two or more reasonable opinions on given topic should be used. Argumentative essays address various topics: from public-political to personal. Here’s an example of an argumentative essay on sex education in schools; foremost let’s have a look on its structure. It includes introduction, thesis presentation, expectation of objection and conclusion.  Pre-preparatory part determines what information to include, who refer to, how to interpret facts, what methodology to choose.

Look at example of interesting argumentative essay:

Should sexual education be implemented in school?

Sex is topic that you cannot avoid if you went with children to zoo. This has been urgent issue for discussing: meaning of such education for children in both middle and high school. This definition includes any training course, which tells about intimacies. It can be pure physiology, psychology of relationships, information about gender roles. Contrary to popular beliefs, sex education program is necessary not for college students, it is needed to people of all ages.

You should pay attention to two factors in the beginning. Introductory statement is familiarity with topic (sex education debate), its background, purpose; we used joking to meet reader’s eye. Thesis statement is position to be argued (necessity of this program).

World’s sex education classes were appeared because of practical necessity – combating sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. To implement sex education is necessary to improve life quality. Within families with many children, parents would be happy not to give birth to them – but they knew nothing about methods of family planning.

We outline arguments maintaining chosen position. The most common method is justification by statements and facts.

In 1956 mandatory lessons on this topic were introduced in Swedish school curriculum, 1964 school students stopped saying that sexual intercourse beyond marriage is unacceptable. The Swedish education system is considered progressive. To date it includes discussion of different aspects of close relationships between people and everything that can affect them, including talking about alcohol, discussing gender issues and pupils’ views about their own bodies.

Each paragraph should contain one argument or fact.

Sex education programs should be adapted to children of different ages and should be given according to age and form that will be understandable and accessible to child. From age of two, child can and should be told about ideas of consent and refusal. With schoolchildren it is worth discussing more “adult truth about sex”: sexual orientation, unprotected sex etc.

Thesis statement will be more convincing if we provide to our reasoning opposite statement, giving it critical analysis. You can offer compromise solution, some way climbing down opposite opinion.

Opponents sex education claims teaching sex education harm kids psyche. It is wrong. With correct lessons students are taught to cope with complexes about their own appearance, their body, and prevent harassment by classmates.

Conclusion should show reasonableness and validity of chosen position. To achieve this purpose, final part of the essay should generalize main proof-points with evidence and examples; re-formulate thesis to emphasize its meaning (it is possible to repeat it word-for-word or rephrase); discuss perspective of the main thesis.

Conservative approach is ineffective. In conservative states teenagers start sexual activity, are poorly protected and become pregnant at young age. Studies of Catholic Northern Ireland have shown, where sex education is poor developed, abortion is prohibited by law. Comprehensive sex education is promotion of health, not immorality.

You can not copy our example of essay, because all academic works are tested with anti-plagiarism system. But you can use it as pattern.

Should Animals Be Used for Research Argumentative Essay: Writing Strategies

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Animal testing is a challenging topic that requires a lot of work and research to write a good argumentative paper. Your arguments and ideas should be unique because many students have expressed their thoughts earlier. Look for an interesting angle. Look at this issue from your fresh perspective to succeed. Don’t forget to use examples, stats, and other types of evidence to make your paper look professional. Don’t get too emotional in it. Keep in mind that too much persuasion will prevent the audience from reading your ‘should animals be used for research’ argumentative essay. Make it informative and interesting.

Should animals be used for cosmetic research argumentative essay: Find a good topic

Start with picking the topic that you understand and like. There are many questions that animal testing raises. Give your solutions to this problem to come up with original ideas. Use these topics for your inspiration:

  • Why is the cosmetic industry more important than the lives of animals?
  • What animals can be used in tests?
  • Why is this type of research important?
  • Do people need to stop taking drugs to save animals?
  • Do animals get affected during research tests?

Argumentative essay outline on should animals used for research

A strong essay has a logical and well-organized structure. Make sure it contains body paragraphs, concluding and introductory parts. Learn to format this academic paper correctly.


It’s the first part of your essay. Start it with a catchy hook, such as a famous quote, a rhetorical question, etc. It will help you grab the attention of readers. Provide them with some background information and include a strong thesis to state your opinion.


It’s the largest section where you need to develop strong arguments and refute opposing views. Choose unique ideas that you can prove with evidence. Body paragraphs should contain supporting facts, quotes, or stats to prove your in-depth research. Write a separate paragraph to contradict the opposition.


It’s the last part of your paper on animal testing that requires you to achieve these basic goals:

  • Restate the importance of your chosen topic.
  • Reminding major ideas.

This paragraph concludes the entire essay and makes the audience think about your research outcomes. Don’t make it too opinionated.

Feel free to modify the above-stated standard format based on the requirements of your teachers.

Argumentative essay on should animals be used for research: Five steps

These simple steps will help you understand how to start and complete this assignment without feeling frustrated. Take them to learn where to find interesting ideas, how to create a strong thesis, and what questions to answer.

  1. Use reliable sources of information to find useful ideas. Review relevant magazines, websites, books, and other sources to find test data, statistics, and so on.
  2. Why is it important? What can people do about it? Why is it essential? Answer these questions to choose arguments and their supporting ideas.
  3. Create a powerful thesis and prepare evidence to prove its credibility and validity.
  4. Follow your outline to make an argumentative essay sound logical and let readers follow your thoughts without losing their focus.
  5. Avoid using jokes or slang because animal testing is a serious subject. Don’t use any idiomatic expressions. Stick to formal language.

There are some extra steps that will guide you to academic success. Take notes when conducting research and cite reliable sources. Proofread a final draft to make sure it has no spelling or other mistakes. Ask others to help you edit your paper to get useful tips on improving its content.

Order the best should animals be used for research argumentative essay

Writing an impressive argumentative essay on the use of animals in research can be challenging. This subject isn’t ordinary and it requires the ability to refute counterarguments, conducting research, and making strong claims.

Order a custom paper on this complex topic to get a better chance to earn high grades. Get our professional assistance to improve your writing skills. A team of trained writers will solve even urgent academic problems.

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