01 May, 2019

A List of Topics for the Best Argumentative Essay in 2019

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This type of essay focuses on proving that your stance is valid, so it turns theory into fact. Spend enough time on developing a strong argument and persuading other people. Successful students in the United States design a unique set of principles to maximize their grades. The validity of viewpoints depends on source materials and evidence. Conduct in-depth research in order to choose great and unique issues for your paper. Look at the best argumentative essay topics 2019. They’re in different groups and cover a range of social and other issues.

Choose an interesting idea to make a good argument: tips to outline your research work

An essay introduces claims about both sides of a matter. Its tone depends on a writer’s opinion on a given matter. Its main purpose is to introduce a certain case to readers and convince them to change their viewpoints. Show them a full picture and find the best argumentative essay topics 2019. Simple matters may require a straightforward approach. When writing about controversial issues, research and use many sources to back up. According to experts, the assignment has three basic models:

  1. Toulmin model. Academic papers need an introduction with a thesis statement and the main body with background information and supporting evidence. College students list reasons to believe their stance.
  2. Rogerian model. It requires evaluating both sides, listing their pros and cons, and leaving advice after your evaluation.
  3. Classical model. Introduce a specific issue, offer your personal solution or a thesis statement, and try to persuade people that you’re right. The basic goal is to make the audience care about a subject.

Argumentative essay topics 2019: picking the best ideas for your paper

Finding excellent issues is a simple task if you follow some helpful guidelines. Many subjects are controversial and prone to prejudice. When drafting and editing your paper, be sure to understand both sides. Select a neutral subject to which you’re indifferent. Use these basic tips to make the right choice:

  • Consider the issues of your interest (you must have the in-depth knowledge of them to express a strong opinion);
  • Follow the latest trends relevant to a specific field;
  • Avoid emotional subjects because this assignment is about staying logical and calm with judgments;
  • Find secondary and primary sources to decide if they’re enough for writing a convincing piece;
  • Avoid matters with a general or broad focus because of a limited word count;
  • Consider the audience you plan to reach and whether they will accept your stance;
  • Brainstorm a list of excellent subjects and select the right one;
  • Take a risk and discuss a debatable matter to prove your position and earn higher grades;
  • Take relevant experience into consideration.

The best topics by category: read and create an outline

If you find it hard to pick interesting matters for your assignment, look at helpful examples. Use them as your inspiration and guidance to write an ideal piece.

A student’s social media speech ideas

It plays an important role in daily life. It’s a significant field of study that has influenced many political decisions. Consider these suggestions:

  • Its important role in education;
  • Can Instagram make users more narcissistic?
  • Should companies fire customers due to their inappropriate behavior?
  • Are anonymous profiles dangerous?
  • Should they tackle online bullying?
  • Users paying to get their privacy;
  • Proper punctuation and its importance on social media.

Essays on video games, movies, and TV

The modern industry produces a lot of content. However, many movies and video games don’t undergo any extensive evaluation before their release. That’s why many consumers question its promotion of dangerous and harmful stereotypes. Discuss some of them in your essay:

  • Does TV capture the diversity of the United States?
  • Do movies romanticize sexual harassment?
  • Do violent video games affect children?
  • What makes a great cartoon to children?
  • Do modern films promote any specific set of values?
  • Cybersports and sports: are they equal?
  • Commercials are art.

Essays on music, art, and literature

These subjects have a lot of room for discussion because they cover issues of authenticity.

  • Borrowing is stealing in music;
  • Libraries and their importance in modern days;
  • Is it appropriate to display art in public places?
  • Graffiti is allowed as an art;
  • Rap counts as music;
  • Aspiring artists and their support by society;
  • Is it good that modern pop music is recyclable?

Picking health matters and making a strong argument is a tested policy

Leading a healthy lifestyle is popular nowadays. There are many specialized online shop and health blogs. You have a lot of freedom when writing your essay about this matter.

  • Are models too skinny?
  • Are anti-smoking ads disturbing?
  • Should the government regulate sugar in products?
  • Authorities and their role in reviewing menu compositions and nutritional guidelines in schools and colleges;
  • Penalties for drinking teens.

Science and technology

These issues are great for writing a successful essay:

  • Climate change and if the society should worry about it;
  • Banning nuclear weapons and their development internationally;
  • Manipulations with the human body through technology shouldn’t be allowed;
  • Slowing aging with science is unethical;
  • Human chipping is an absurd concept.


  • Pupils and their right to grade educators;
  • A standard testing system needs updates;
  • Marks don’t reflect real knowledge;
  • Learning subjects or human interaction at school;
  • Drug testing of teens at school is ethical;
  • The use of technological devices in the class: is it appropriate?
  • Teachers must provide children with more opportunities to express creativity;
  • A standard testing system doesn’t measure true abilities.


  • Some games are too intensive to youngsters;
  • Sport betting must be legal;
  • Cheerleading is a sport;
  • Dangerous games on TV: is it a bad trend?
  • Doping control is necessary to all athletes.

Hopefully, these useful lists will give some original subjects for your next assignment. Pick a good one to discuss in your text and increase your chance to impress professors.

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