Examples of best topic and argumentative essay structure

An argument essay is a “genre” or kind of written text that is used to teach high school students ability to argue. The word “argument” in context of argumentative essay structure means exploring debatable topic after determining its key problems by developing ideas that are based on evidence support from relevant sources.

Writing argumentative essay will be easy if you follow rules of essay genre.
Essay topic selection

Topic can be predetermined by teachers or your instructor can specify an area of subject, to which chosen topic should be related. Another option you choose it by yourself. With an independent choice of theme, remember that it is necessary to choose one on which you can most logically explain your position and provide excellent essay.

Possible mistakes

  • Commonplace truth. What would you think, after reading 6 pages of argumentative paper with thesis statement “men descended from monkeys”? If you have found revolutionary proofs of evolution theory, this is fine, but this is no longer argumentative essay research.
  • Too controversial issue. Do not touch areas that are not discussed – religion, politics, personal preferences, culture, some social issues etc. The key is not to show your indifference about these issues, your opinion can go against opinion of teachers. If these questions are interesting to you – postpone it for future research paper. Persuasive essay is not good place for them, try to choose a good topic.

Structure the argumentative paper implies

Argumentative essay structure has three main parts: introduction, thesis argumentation, conclusion. Thesis is the main idea of work. You can have it after argumentation, it will enter conclusion. If you have an opinion on given question, start argumentative essay writing with thesis, give arguments. The key is consistency and logic of text. If you use excerpts of other people’s work or quotes from books – you should mention them in footnotes. Break text into paragraphs in accordance with thought course – reasoning should be divided into several parts.

Basic mistakes

  • Most of student investigate topic, use shocking facts from press, “rules of life” of famous people or flat jokes – various phrases of Steve Jobs have placated eyes of teachers.
  • Your task is to draw and hold attention throughout text; if an introduction begin with dry statements of facts, reader’s attention will fade away before the main part.
  • Trace clear connection of thoughts and facts, which connects the main theme, introduction and subsequent paragraphs. Do not provide excess information.

Examples of argumentative essay topics

Describe situation if you had misunderstanding with your friends or family, what did you do?

Friendship comes and goes: have you realized that you have been losing friend and what did you feel?

Describe yourself with three words.

Have you ever had moments in your life when you were given advice or reccomendations, did not you follow them, and regretted it?

What life lessons did you get beyond school?

Describe situation if you tried hard to achieve something, but did not get it; what did you learn from this?

Tell us about situation if you were blamed for your will. What did you do?

Have you ever had moments in your life when you wanted to quit your project without completing it and why?

Describe situation if you played an important role in school life.

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