Word Choice in an Argumentative Essay – How To Choose them Properly?

The key “secret” of word choice in an argumentative essay is absence of any rigid rules. But this type of academic writing has some requirements: you need to come up with headline, try to keep typical structure your essay should have, by providing an introduction, the main part and conclusion. It is not necessary to make an introduction and conclusion under some formal rules; they can make your essay more attractive.

Persuasive essay is not a report or an article; it does not need typical constructions to present it. Do not start to write argumentative essay this way:

“This is essay about genetically modified foods.”

“I want to tell you about spent taxpayers programs.”

“The purpose of this work is to show that zoos are necessary.”

Argumentative essay does not need “auxiliary” paragraphs, words phrases that do not carry any meaning. Writers need clear structure that demonstrates appropriate style.

Essay writing should not be disjointed set of words and phrases. The lack of clear rules and complete freedom of action does not at all give you carte blanche for bad, illegible, full of factual, logical and spelling mistakes text.  It is best to stick to some framework.

Reports are addressed to readers, they begin with “I want to talk about …”, and end with “I have come to following conclusions …”. Good essay is a replica addressed to prepared reader, that is, person who imagines what will be agrued. That is the difference. This allows concentrating on discovering new one and not to clutter up presentation with official details.

Writer should not be told to avoid grammatical errors and misprints – it is obvious. You need to keep in mind that you are not writing for yourself, but for another person: punctuation, division into sentences and paragraphs, appropriate transition words, general structure.

Avoid elements of spoken language:

  • Do not use abbreviations (can’t, they’re, it’s), use words in full form;
  • Do not use slang and colloquial expressions (fix ,kids, get);
  • Write in essence and do not deviate from topic;
  • Try to evade phrasal verbs (knock down, give away, cut off, give up), use single-word synonyms;
  • Avoid general words (all, any, each), be specific and precis.

Adhere to academic style.

  • Escape personal pronouns (I, we, our);
  • Avoid categorical judgments and generalizations;
  • Back up quotes and data with sources;
  • Observe gender equality: if it is an abstract person, use “person” instead of “man”; it is better to place subject in plural (write “they”, not “he” or “she”);
  • Use an active voice, do not complicate sentences. Do not say “Crime was growing and the police were becoming concerned”. Write: “The crime increase began to cause concern of the police”.

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