24 Jul, 2017

Unusual topic ideas for future college students

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Preparing argumentative essays is the most important step for high school students, who are going to enter universities. Preparation of argumentative essays must be approached responsibly.  Admission argumentative paper is your presentation, thanks to which an admissions committee will be able to understand why you should study in this institution. In this article we will share some argumentative essay topic ideas with you.

Future college students’ essay – what to pay attention to?

Writing argumentative essay differ from composing motivation letter. Motivation letter’s main purpose is to convey information to the admissions committee about you as a person and academician, describe your achievements and future goals. It is letter about you. Good argumentative essay letter is from you, it should reveal your thinking, analysis and argumentation skills in relation to the main idea.

An approach to admission essay writing differs in many respects from high school argumentative essay. But they have similar principles of structures.

Creating essay that will be part of admission process is designed to give students an opportunity to shows their personality.

US educational institutions choose standard argumentative essay topics. They include “Why do you want to enter this college” or “Tell us what makes you special”. Some business schools offer creative approach, they choose interesting controversial topics for writing.

  1. University of Chicago. This educational institution is famous for its decent teaching load, chair of philosophy and specialists in this field. Given this, it is not surprising that commission asked students analyze and slightly philosophize with essay topic:

“Little pigs, French chicken and family of bears. Blind mice, musketeers, moury. Parts of atoms, laws of thinking, the main line of writing. Omne trium perfectum (Latin – rule of three): create your own group of three and explain why you combined them. ”

Students can get an alternative to this issue:

“If pH (acid-base balance) is personality’s expression, what is your pH and why?”

  1. Dartmouth College. It asks to provide students’ personal secrets: “When you meet someone first-ever, what would you like, that he or she knew about you, you do not tell yourself?”

An alternative question: “Each name has its own story: tell us about your name – choice, name, patronymic, surname, nickname – and its origin.”

  1. Stanford University. They prefer to discover what students are beyond classes: “Write a note to your future roomie about something important about yourself that will help your neighbor – and us – to know you better.”
  2. University of Virginia. The most difficult questions are the shortest ones: “What is your favourite word and why?” – the admissions office asks to respond in 200 words. The alternative question from them is “To tweet or not to tweet?”.

Students perform better works if they are interested in topics.

Keep in mind topic and purpose of an argumentative paper; your text should meet the title and problems that you raise. Do not digress into irrelevant matter if your idea does not require it. Needlessly detailed descriptions, can do a disservice. Do not think that your zeal will be appreciated if you write two-volume book on the topic “How I decided to select the profession of a doctor” or “What does higher education mean for me“. Write short – teachers are people! Two-three pages will be sufficient to cover an issue.

Divide your text into paragraphs, dilute with subtitles, if necessary, use visual formatting tools. Your ability to keep an idea in one paragraph for whole page will not be interested to anyone – this paragraph will not be easy to read. Make your text convenient for narrates.