25 Jul, 2017

How to Write a Five Paragraph for Your Argumentative Essay

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Successful argumentative essay writing requires students to defend a certain position when discussing the topic that has two or more sides. Relevant facts, details, stats, and expert quotes are necessary to support your argument. What is the role of the five paragraph for argumentative essay writing? Its conclusion is important because it offers the last chance to sway the audience.

The five paragraph for argumentative essay: Basic elements

Teachers ask students to write this academic paper to prove their opinion on a given topic. It should be arguable or debatable. Your argumentative essay must convince others of your position with strong facts and other data. Although body paragraphs are convincing and arguing, don’t underestimate the significance of the five paragraph for argumentative essay writing. It’s the last chance to prove your stance. The conclusion should fit these basic criteria:

  • Suggesting further research into alternative aspects.
  • Repeating major ideas in other words.
  • Reiterating a thesis statement.
  • Having a tone of finality.
  • Acting as a final blow of persuasion.

How to end your argumentative essay: Important steps

A concluding paragraph has specific elements. It must briefly sum up major arguments, restate a claim, and offer a call to action. Take these helpful steps to end your paper strongly:

  • Start the conclusion.
  • Proceed to important findings.
  • Wrap things up.

Starting the conclusion

Although the conclusion needs to sum up major ideas, reminding the audience of your topic significance is the best way to start it. Leave a strong impression on readers. After that, feel free to enumerate your important findings.

Proceeding to research findings

Argumentative essays should be based on rationale and logic. Once you state your topic importance and catch readers’ attention, you need to sum up the main arguments. Stay rationale to sway the audience to your side. Reminding the research findings will help you achieve this goal. Don’t introduce any new facts because you’ll only confuse readers and weaken your position.

Wrapping things up

You can use a few ways to do that memorably and effectively. Some students prefer to appeal to emotions, stress the validity of arguments, and highlight their topic significance, while others choose to include a call to action to urge the audience to consider alternative ways to approach the same issue. Keep it short and make future predictions to conclude your argumentative essay powerfully. It’s also possible to make it a bit personal.

An example of a five paragraph argumentative essay for elementary school

You can break down a concluding paragraph into a few basic parts and use them as a helpful example:

  1. Restate a thesis. It’s the first thing you should do when writing the conclusion.
  2. Review key evidence and reasoning. Argumentative essay writing is all about making people appreciate your study, position, and reasoning. When concluding it, review key arguments and supporting evidence. Cite expert evidence and your reasons to make it more credible.
  3. Use a call to action. It’s a prompt that tells readers to take some immediate action.

Once your argumentative paper is finished, you need to proofread it carefully. Read a final draft a few times to ensure that your arguments are strong and facts are correct. Submit your essay for grading only if you’re sure it’s perfect.

Where to get professional help?

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