An example of argumentative essay about online education

Today education takes different forms – on the one hand, online learning contributes greatly to the overall level of literacy of people, no matter which part of the world they live in; on the other hand, it might lead to certain problems concerning the ability to socialize or get real-life skills.

Still, lots of people take a wrecking ball to the idea of e-learning. The reasons for it are convincing. Firstly, when deciding to enroll in online courses of programs, one risks his or her privacy, since many cyber attacks are taking place today. Secondly, on the vast f the Internet, it might seem that you master the skill you want and are more than ready to work in the social environment; but in reality, people often focus on getting some knowledge and implementing it only on the web. Thus, it can create such a popular illusion of being competent in many spheres while if to look at things from a practical perspective, everything will not look so perfect.

As for the positive sides of online education, there is plenty of them – a student can determine their own pace of learning, raise their motivation by the maximum comfortable way of doing classes, and build up a positive attitude to studies. Moreover, educating kids and older learners online gives more chances for creating an inclusive learning environment and avoid ‘ability grouping’, and, thanks to anonymous learning, eliminate biases.

However, traditional schooling is still in great demand. Educational establishments typically cope with encouraging social cohesion way better than online colleges and universities. Plus, in this situation, the management can easily get a grip on any problematic issue and solve it on the level of their establishment. One more significant fruit of the conventional type of education is in nurturing students’ self-awareness, social interaction, and life skills which are priceless.

To crown it all, opinions on the fruitfulness of these two coexisting types of education may vary, but one thing is true for sure – as long as learning results in great practical skills, inculcating positive social behaviors in students, and promoting lifelong growth, any education is totally okay.