Argument essay is research work. In this paper your readers are able to consider specific problem from different perspectives. The purpose argumentative essay has is to clearly state your position and present reasoned argument the author uses to support it.  There are some requirements you purpose of paper implies. Before you begin writing argumentative essay ask you instructor about plan and following sections outline provides: introduction, presenting of thesis statement, expectation of objection and conclusion. In the preparatory part, it is necessary to determine: what information to use, who to refer to, how to effectively outline your ideas, to expound facts and support your thesis, what methodology and argument analysis to choose.

In an introduction you can apple two methods.

  • Introductory statement (familiarity with topic the essay has, its background, goal purpose of study) using known techniques (unusual sentences, interesting quotation, statistics, etc.).
  • The thesis statement, which is clear position to be argued (indicate which parties and in what amount reasoning is needed).

Essay writers are expected to provide objections. The thesis statement will be more convincing if we promote opposite judgements, providing it critical analysis. You can offer compromise solution, in some way ceding opposed opinion.

Conclude essay with showing relevancy and stringency of selected position.

To achieve it, the final part should:

  • generalize main points of statement with evidence and examples;
  • re-formulate your thesis to emphasize its meaning (it is possible to repeat it word-for-word or rephrase);
  • discuss perspective of the main thesis;
  • show practical importance;
  • pose questions that will help to look at the topic from the new perspective.

Let`s have a look at the essay example.

“National services hould be mandatory.

The army reform has been connected with constant discussions , but, despite scandals and sad statistics, nothing changes, the USA will have the old order of recruitment for the military forces.

According to the sociological survey of the population, the overwhelming majority of respondents (65%) believe that people should be recruited under contract. 26% of respondents of the poll state that army service should be mandatory. 9% of respondents found it difficult to answer this question.

Now little attention is paid to patriotic education, therefore number of those who want to serve is small. I am sure that it is necessary to serve in the army. Military duty should be universal.

The army is needed in case of:

  • threat from other states;
  • interregional conflicts;
  • conflicts within other states.

I have heard an opinion that there should be no military service at all. For our country, the most suitable option is to disband troops and become neutral state with symbolic number of military forces. If someone does not prefer military career, then it makes no sense to join the army. I am confident that soldiering is not desire to be military men. Neutrality is not the best position: if you live peacefully, this does not mean that others will live with this relation to you. If military service should not be, why does concept “state” exist? The state that does not know how to defend itself can not be independent: its independence is provided not by its economic component. The army can be equipped by recruiting and on contract basis.

The army should be strong and powerful: if nobody will do military service, the army will not exist. Our military forces are an integral part of our society.”

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