20 Jul, 2017

Argumentative Essay Definition: Structure and Important Rules

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If you feel confused or nervous about writing an argumentative essay, this guide will help you. Many students are in the same situation for different reasons. This assignment is an important part of any coursework. Master its ins and outs to end up with high grades. First, you need to learn an argumentative essay definition and practice to structure all paragraphs correctly.

What is the definition of an argumentative essay?

The key idea of writing this academic paper is to defend a certain opinion on a given issue. Your main goal is to persuade others to accept your point of view. Pick a specific side and state if you disagree or agree with the main idea. Support your argument with strong evidence. Argumentative essays provide readers with a deep insight into a topic and highlight major ideas. They demonstrate your knowledge of the subject. Prove teachers your ability to develop a strong argument without losing the audience’s attention.

Definition argumentative essay: the benefits of writing it

There are many benefits of writing argumentative essays, including:

  1. Anticipating objections. This type of paper is not only about proving your stance but also about addressing opposing opinions. It requires you to outline both sides and anticipate possible objections.
  2. Writing skills. The more you practice, the better they are.
  3. Critical thinking. When analyzing relevant facts, claims, and arguments, you gradually improve your critical thinking skills. They let you understand possible weaknesses and assess all topics in an unbiased way.
  4. Research skills. You’ll fail to draft a strong argumentative essay without deep research.
  5. Rhetoric and logic. This assignment helps you master logic rules, including making clear statements, avoiding emotional appeals, etc. Highlight the significance of your topic to improve rhetoric skills.

How to write an argumentative definition essay

After reading the first sentence, people will understand if they want to keep reading your paper. Create a strong outline and stick to it to prevent readers from leaving. Use a few basic elements to make your argumentative essay consistent and interesting.

How to do a definition paragraph in an argumentative definition essay

Start with a catchy hook. Its basic purpose is to grab readers’ attention. Make it brief and interesting. There are different things you can use as a hook, such as:

  • Controversial statements
  • Funny stories or anecdotes
  • Relevant statistics
  • Intriguing questions

After that, develop your ideas and explain to readers your topic choice, its importance, and how your argument can make a difference. Don’t forget to state a clear thesis. You’ll have to support it with convincing evidence in body paragraphs. Make sure it states your opinion and explains why your subject is important.

Body paragraphs: How to present your evidence

Think about separating the paragraphs giving your arguments and the ones refuting opposing claims. Support your viewpoints with strong evidence and prove the weaknesses of the opposition.

Feel free to go the opposite route and use a separate paragraph to refuse a popular claim. Make a strong statement and refute the opposing side in the end. It’s up to you what format to choose.

How to conclude an argumentative essay

The key idea of this paragraph is to remind the audience of your major arguments, restate a thesis, and call them to a certain action. Most people will remember only this part of your argumentative essay. That’s why you should make it remarkable.

Bridge argumentative essay definition: Helpful writing tips

Use the following tricks to make argumentative essay writing easier:

  • Research your subject and take notes to find and organize relevant information;
  • Choose all claims wisely and find enough evidence to support them;
  • Use only reliable sources of information and cite them correctly;
  • Write down everything that comes to your mind to create a good outline;
  • Stay concise and avoid using random expressions;
  • Try to think outside the box and explore your creativity.

Hopefully, these simple tips will help you learn an argumentative essay definition and how to write a good one. If you lack enough time or skills to complete this academic assignment, it’s not a problem. Contact our professional writers who will do this job for you. Get their expert assistance online!

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