21 Jul, 2017

Introduction in Argumentative Essay: How to Draft Best

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To draft a great argumentative paper, you need a strong and interesting introduction. This type of academic writing requires students to research a given topic, gather supporting evidence, analyze important findings, and defend a certain position. There are specific elements that your essay must contain to earn good scores, including:

  • Compelling subject
  • Balanced analysis
  • Strong language
  • Supporting evidence

A catchy argumentative essay introduction increases your chance to succeed. Create an intriguing opening while following basic academic writing rules.

Which statement best describes the introduction of an argumentative essay?

A successful paper requires a perfect introduction. It’s considered a winning statement where you must sum up a given issue, research, facts, and findings. It should be brief and contain a thesis. The introduction is a logline of your paper. It allows readers to know what your piece of writing is all about.

Make transitions between the argumentative essay introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion understandable and simple. Jumping from one idea to another is a mistake. Use proper grammar and skills to end up with a smooth flow of information. Besides, you must explain where and how you find all sources by providing short background information.

The important role of an argumentative essay introduction

All paragraphs are important for argumentative essay writing, but its introduction is a keystone. It’s the first thing readers see. This is where you explain your topic choice and thesis. Consider the introduction as a short version of your paper. Without a strong opening part, it’s hard to keep readers interested. Everything you write in this paragraph prepares the audience for what to expect. Make it intriguing enough to keep people reading the rest of your argumentative essay.

How to write an introduction for an argumentative essay

Writing a perfect argumentative essay introduction requires students to be well-prepared with strong statements and facts. Follow these helpful guidelines:

  1. Explain your chosen topic.
  2. Defend it.
  3. Explain why some readers may disagree with it.
  4. Give readers background information.
  5. End with a stimulating thesis.

Explain and defend your topic

Readers should understand what they’re about to find out. Write a short explanation of your main idea and let them know why it’s important to keep reading your argumentative essay. Use intriguing and creative ideas to resonate with the audience. If your topic is shallow or boring, no one will want to learn more about it.

Give readers background information and explain why they may disagree with you

There’s no topic that everyone agrees with so that every issue has at least two sides. Explain to readers why some of them may disagree with your position. The introduction should indicate how other paragraphs will flow. Readers need to understand what to expect.

Make a stimulating thesis

It will leave everyone wanting more. Although the basic goal of any thesis is to state your major idea, it’s also a logline that urges people to learn more. Stay away from the statements you can’t defend. A strong introduction never provides arguments or facts that belong to the main body.

How to write an argumentative essay introduction: Useful tips

To start your argumentative essay strongly, use these helpful tips:

  • Don’t use any emotional statements as these are irrational;
  • Using unreliable sources or evidence is a big mistake;
  • Differentiate between logical conclusions and emotional points;
  • Create an outline;
  • Get ready to defend your position to learning the strongest opposing points;
  • Stay away from inarguable topics or statements.

Argumentative essay introduction: Examples

This guide teaches you how to start an argumentative essay. If you still have problems with writing a catchy introduction for your paper, look at helpful examples. Remember that simplicity is the key.

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