How to write perfect counter argument essay

Professors ask their students to use and apply to counter arguments in their academic essays. What is goal of using counter arguments which can possible weaken your position? The answer is simple – if one considered both sides, statements would look smarter and grounded. They actually strengthen the essay you need – counter claims might help to respond one’s objections even before they appear. Let’s get started.

How to write the introduction?

Many people think that intro is one of important parts of the essay – your topic sentence should be well-considered and clear. Even though student has to use opposing argument.  Your original thesis must support your position. Create the main sentence of your essay; after that you will begin writing the argumentative part of the work you are given.

What is next?

After you wrote your thesis part, begin thinking about the statements which can show that your opinion matters. Remember, discovering the truth is your main goal. Try to create reasonable long and argumentative statements, think how you can express your thoughts in persuasive manner – any weak argument can derail job you did.

Use counter argument to support your position

It was mentioned that essay can appear smarter if you use side the argument. If you don’t present opposing viewpoints, essay will be weak. One may begin sentence using such phrases as “one can possibly argue”, “however, it is noticed/mentioned/said/claimed/argued that”, etc – it is not complicated. Try not to make these claims look foolish– you must respect opposite opinion. Student should not immediately dispose statement: try to find out why many people might argue that your original position was wrong. Show reader that you took into account all aspects of problem, reasons why people believe in two different positions. Make sure that you sound polite, no matter if they are wrong. When one believes your point of view, it is complicated for him or her to be objective, you should try to do your best and get highest mark.

How can I rebut it?

You have to show that point is faulty. Try to find out and describe why they are fault, analyze facts, values, and moral aspect – anything which helps you to prove that opponent is wrong. Remember, counter argument can strengthen your position if rebutted in valid, proper manner.

  • Wrong fact. Use data from academic sources to show that opponent’s claim is not fact, but faulty hypothesis.
  • Disputable analytical statement. You need to prove that analysis in opposite claim is unreliable and questionable analyzing it by yourself.
  • Faulty moral and other values. Counter arguments can rely on disputable values, try to use these mistakes to prove that you were rightful, polite and thoughful, and they were wrong.
  • Irrelevant, even if true. Claim may be partially true, you have to confirm that the argument makes sense, but contains a faulty statement.

Reasonable doubts.

When one start analyzing counter argument one, he or she may think that it sounds even more reliable than his own claims. In this situation student does not have to abandon his position, but modify it. Remember, this is way to success. You should make really deep analysis, you can change some parts of essay and even thesis while writing and thinking of the problem. You should be calm, unprejudiced, make people believe mentioned position. There are no doubts appearing towards the end of work.