20 Jul, 2017

How to compose main statement

Category : tips on essay structure

Good thesis statement for argumentative essay should head texts that tend to be argumentative essay. The persuasive thesis statement should provide possibility of presenting various viewpoints.It should convince audience: how you can assure your naratees and tell the reader that your opinion is true, if there are no other opinions on problem your thesis statement claims. Let’s look at specific thesis statement examples.

Alcohol and cigarettes have bad influence on human health.

We cannot consider it debatable: alcohol and smoking have negative connotation; it is well-known fact that they are harmful to health. No one can say that smoking and drinking are useful for people’s health; there are no reasons and grounds to argue about this issue.

United States government should help control rare animals’ population.

It is hard to argue; this is another example of unsuccessful option. It is obvious that the authorities should make efforts to protect rare species of animals and plants, spend money to conduct special events, introduce programs and open reserves.

Individual approach every student should be implemented in schools.

This one is controversial; many people have different opinions on this issue. Someone can say that distinctive approach to students will be useful and will take into account their individuality, certain traits, abilities to learn new information, mental skills and intelligence level. Other may disagree with this and say that pupils in high school should be equal to each other and that individual approach can not be implemented due to lack of teachers’ time and energy.

Vaccinations should mandatory to people.

This averment is controversial. Somebody may not consent with this confirmation: despite the fact that lack of vaccination can lead to illnesses young mother / father are against these procedures, because they consider them superfluous and believe that they do not carry any benefit to their child’s health. This opinion can be formed under influence of social media, from words of incompetent doctors and specialists or from one’s own convictions and experience. It can be assumed that mandatory vaccination restricts human rights.

Online education will help open the door to new technologies.

This one is debatable, because in the modern high-tech world around, disputes are constantly being held around this problem. Many people call this training dependence technology, and others will see good opportunity and probably good idea to make education accessible.

Persuasive piece writing must begin debatable thesis.

Regardless of essay outline structure and its length, main idea should be expressed briefly. If your idea is broad, is should be maintained by a lot of evidence you will accommodate, supplementing it and confirm its validity.

Substance use is destructive to humans.

This is an example of extensive thesis claim. Several factors should be considered: what concept “substance” implies; what it involves is outlaw usage of prohibited substances, psychotropics or preparations for medicinal purposes; why these substances are destructive; possibility of fatal outcome ensuing their use (if mortality is conditioned by overtreatment or regular application);  whether mass dependence on substances affects economy state and population level; if this problem is specific to certain country or it is global; if it exists among children etc. This idea possesses many open issues. It is impossible to seize all these aspects, one can not provide one sentence that summarizes all these factors, but they are open to discussion.

Outlaw substance use is destructive to humans because it reduces population level.

This sample shortens concept of substances to outlaw ones, the problem is shortened to population decrease. This theme is easier to be developed.

Let’s try to shorten all debatable statements mentioned above.

Individual approach to study of exact sciences should be implemented in high schools to every student.

This one provides new way of studying particular branch of knowledge at specific stage of education – high school.

Vaccine against tuberculosis should be mandatory to all newborn babies.

We specify against what kind of disease vaccinations should be and at what age they should be performed.

Online education at home will help open the door to new technologies in education field, giving opportunity to gain knowledge to everyone.

We emphasize advantages which this training will bring.

Thesis statement can differ in their aims.

Reasoning in what light do you want to consider particular theme, center on certain perspective and approach of your paper.

  • Factual information and actualities

Claims confirm or contest conventional factual background.

Global warming is normal natural phenomenon.

  • Cause and effect

These statements show dependence of several events or phenomena, their reasons and consequences.

Aerosol cans use leads to destruction of ozone layer.

  • Valuableness

These claims estimate and classify things that are generally known facts.

The declining amount of natural resources today is one of the most serious global problems.

  • Critical analysis

Statements of this kind justify or controvert event, decision, phenomenon, economic, political news and give their assessment.

Funds allocation to help refugees was wrong decision.

It is up to you to decide which kind of thesis statement will be suitable to your essay. It will depend on evidence, facts, illustrations, examples you have used composing your work; on your naratees and specific theme.  It is possible to use a few kinds of statements. Remember that claim is essential to define discussions you consider, to decide your opinion on this topic and to allow readers to know what to expect from work. The thesis statement is the position to be argued. This part of paper will be more convincing if we provide arguments to opposite statement, giving it critical analysis or offering compromise solution. It should show reasonableness and validity of chosen position.

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