20 Jul, 2017

How to compose an argumentative introduction

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An argument paper is a short work. The volume of argumentative research essay is from three to seven pages; most high schools demand argumentative essays be written in two pages. You need to start writing with thesis outlining the main idea. An argumentative essay introduction can begin with an eloquent phrase, which immediately captures reader’s attention and meet his eye. Comparative allegories can be used to write introduction when unexpected facts or events are associated with main theme of the persuasive essay.

This research paper should not contain many topics or ideas (thoughts). It can consider opposing positions, but reflects and develops one option, one thought: an essay is answers to this single question. An author should answer to this posed question and do not deviate from the topic: text should “bewitch” that makes this essay be dynamic and contain something new or curious for readers. They should feel, “see” his author – a living person.

Herewith question’s content can cover a wide range of problems that require a considerable volume of literature. You can decide to cover and illustrate certain aspects of chosen topic. There will be no difficulties if you do not go beyond outlined circle, and support your thesis statement and choice with appropriate evidence.

An introduction is a core and rationale of choosing this or that topic. It is mandatory to state reasons for writing argumentative paper: why is this topic interesting to an author and should be of interest to readers? It contains brief explanation of relevance and resonance of problem chosen to be investigated. It is necessary to formulate purpose and objectives of study, to give brief definition of concepts used in work and key terms. Their number in the essay should not be unnecessarily large (three or four).

An introduction can include:

  • Answers to topic’s question;
  • your submitted opinion, if the title is reference to somebody’s opinion o (“How do you understand meaning…”);
  • facts from author’s biography or historical period characterized if this information is essential for subsequent text analysis;
  • Your formulated understanding of literary terms, if they are used in topic (“theme of fate …”, ” image of the hero …”).

There is an example.

One of the essential problems of law is society’s attitude to capital punishment for murder. The death penalty is provided by the United States federal law and laws of 36 states. American legislation’s peculiarity is that it allows imposing sentence of death of minors. But during transformation of society, norms and values of civilized countries, including legal ones, should be assimilated. An important component of Western legal norms is rejection of the death penalty.

It is not difficult to compose an introduction; we hope that our recommendations help you learn how write good argumentative paper.

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