24 Jul, 2017

How to Write the Best GRE Argument Essay Sample: Helpful Ideas and Tips

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GRE argument essay writing asks students to apply a specific approach. Read the argument of someone else and comment on its flaws in assumptions, evidence, and conclusion to succeed. Don’t take any position on a given subject. Teachers expect you to analyze the logic of this argument. You can have only one opinion: there are flaws in it and conclusions are weak based on reasoning and evidence. Don’t try to fix the argument or make new conclusions. It’s necessary to critique the argument of other people to write a winning paper.

What Is the GRE Argument Essay?

The key goal of the Graduate Record Examination is to determine if you’re ready for graduate school. It evaluates whether you know mathematics, can read scientific literature, communicate ideas competently and coherently, and think analytically. It involves argument essay writing. To complete this task effectively, remember that the key secret of success is the ability to write a paper that matches prompts, not the ability to write correctly.

GRE Argument Essay Samples: How They Can Help

If you feel confused, find useful guidelines that will navigate you through this complex process. Look for professional and winning GRE argument essay samples online, and use them to practice and train your skills.

GRE Argument Essay Template: Structure All Parts

This academic paper contains the argument that may not be complete, followed by strict instructions on what you must highlight when writing your response. Take them into consideration in every section. Make sure your GRE argument essay contains 5 paragraphs that serve the following purposes:

  • Critique the argument of other authors;
  • Reiterate that it’s unconvincing and weak;
  • Describe how it can be improved.

How to structure your paper correctly? Address these basic writing stages:

  1. Prewriting and the introduction.
  2. Body paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion.

Prewriting Phase and Introduction Writing

Take some time to identify such important elements as underlying assumptions, evidence, and conclusions. Write a few sentences in the introduction to show readers that you understand the argument. This section should do the following:

  • Restate the author’s opinion and identify the argument;
  • Sum up proposals and facts that lead to it and identify them as supporting evidence;
  • State flaws in the argument in your thesis.

Drafting Body Paragraphs

To structure the main body of your GRE argument essay, each paragraph must:

  • Introduce the examples of weak assumptions, evidence, and other flaws;
  • Contains 4-6 sentences;
  • Provide alternative evidence or other possibilities that the author failed to discuss.

Spend your essay space on showing how facts support your thesis statement. Most arguments have weak or unsupported assumptions. You don’t have to disprove the author’s conclusion or opinion. Your basic goal is to prove that it’s not strong.

Writing a Conclusion

The conclusion of your GRE argument essay should consist of a few clear and concise sentences. Make it obvious to the audience that you fully understand the argument and analyze it (don’t try to fix it). To write a strong concluding section, restate your thesis, remind everyone that the argument has too many flaws in logic. Feel free to provide useful recommendations for possible changes that can improve it. Don’t forget to mention certain information that will be helpful in achieving this goal. Indicate that the author should do more work.

GRE Argument Essay Instructions for High Grades

Follow these helpful instructions to end up with an impressive GRE argument essay:

  1. Search for misleading stats or surveys, weak evidence, false generalizations. Highlight faulty conclusions and statements in the argument. Determine how the data provided by the author isn’t sound.
  2. Avoid using first-person assumptions. Use the third person in this assignment.
  3. Discuss a few specific assumptions made by the author. There can be many assumptions in arguments. However, you need to fully evaluate at least a few of them instead of creating a list of all the possible flaws you discover in the argument.
  4. Make your statements declarative and strong. Use only words with conviction. Focus on conveying your confidence about flaws in a particular argument.

GRE Argument Essay Pool of Ideas

After reading the above-stated ideas, you get a clear understanding of how to write the GRE argument essay to earn high scores for it. If you need more ideas to practice and improve your writing skills, turn to qualified professionals. Contact our experienced and reputable online writers and get their expert assistance to increase your chances to succeed and prepare for the future examination.

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