GRE Argument Essay Sample – Learn How To Write Like a Pro

Admission to the American graduate school is a long and time-consuming process, which includes taking exams.

Graduate Record Examination is an examination which the main purpose is to determine whether a person is ready for graduate school, whether he can read complex scientific literature, knows basics of mathematics, is able to think analytically and communicate coherently and competently. GRE includes a task to write argument papers.

It consists of three parts: Analytical Writing (AW), Verbal Reasoning (VR) and Quantitative Reasoning (QR); each part contains two equal in size (allocated for their execution time) section. The exam starts with two sections AW, running in a row, each time is 30 minutes.

Analytical Writing includes two tasks: analyze the issue and analyze an argument. Completing each of the tasks, you need to remember that the key to success is not your ability to write in English, but the ability to write the text that exactly matches the task. It is not easy work. Take a few minutes and learn how to write it.

Issue essay looks like this: you are offered some opinion on a particular issue, statement and fact on which it is based. These essays require to state your position of what you think about it, to what extent you agree or disagree with this opinion or statement. This is an example of such a task.

Debates are effective because they attract people’s attention to the issue in the way a speechmaker can not do.

Write an answer in which you will argue the thesis statement. Providing and maintaining your position, be confident to consider compelling proving and examples that can be used to contest your opinion.

This task makes you need not express your opinion about the benefits of debates, but to make the assumption, to indicate the reasons that can shake your position. This is indicated in a task, if you do not do this, you can not count on a high score. Carefully read task, even if it starts with accustomed “Write an answer”, it can end this way: providing and maintaining your position, you should distinguish ways in which states can or can not be truthful, and illustrate how these considerations determine your position.

What about the next part?

If Issue Task tests your ability to create a text that examines the stated idea (that is, your opinion), GRE argument essay is designed to test your ability to critically evaluate someone else’s text, find shortcomings of argumentation on which depend the assumptions that render general idea, lack of logic, etc. The task for the argumentative essay sample:

This is an extract from the householder’s letter to his friend.

“Of two real property companies in our city – John Mealty and Fred Mealty – John Mealty predominates. John has 50 agents, Fred has 35, half of whom work part-time. John’s income is much higher than Fred’s income: John has $200,000 per year, and Fred $150. Houses listed in John Mealty are sold faster: 5 years ago I had a deal with Fred Mealty – it took 3 months to buy a house. This summer I have a deal with John Mealty, it took two weeks. If you are going to buy a new house at affordable prices and in the short term, address John Mealty”.

Write an answer in which you consider pointed ideas and unstated assumptions. Be confident to illustrate the dependence between them and arguments, and which are consequences for argument, if assumptions prove to be unreasonable.

It is obvious that the comparison in the author’s letter is incorrect because he used the services of one agency five years ago, and he addressed another one this summer. Author’s argument is based on a false premise. The author believes that the income of companies, the average price of houses sold and the number of employees are significant factors that should guide the selection of an agency. If it turns out that the agency commission in the advertised company is higher than that of the opponent, a high average price of the sold houses can be profitable for the company, not for clients.

This is how the logic of text you create should be built. You do not express an opinion, you provide reasoned argument analysis of text proposed to you and find inconsistencies, false premises, what questions you need to ask for the author’s statement to make sense, etc. It is essential to read the wording and try to follow instructions.

On our site, you will find collection of materials to prepare for this task – examples argumentative essay strategies, list of topics. We recommend that you practice beforehand at home to complete this assignment – the GRE exam will not be difficult.