24 Jul, 2017

Writing a Gun Control Argumentative Essay: Useful Suggestions and Ideas

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Many students consider it difficult to write a gun control argumentative essay. However, this academic task is easier than you think. It’s necessary to state your opinion and give valid reasons to support it. Learn different perspectives on this matter and articulate them with your own ideas. The gun control debate is in the news, so it’s easy to find sufficient data for your research.

Gun control definition: Important issues

You may have a personal opinion about the matter. That’s why putting your thoughts on paper won’t be that hard. You only need to express your ideas and address these basic points:

  • How significant is gun control for people?
  • What caused this issue?
  • What do you suppose the society should do about it?

Different gun control arguments and claims

Familiarize yourself with different types of claims before you start writing:

  1. Fact. Is your claim true or not?
  2. Value. How significant is it?
  3. Definition. What does your claim mean?
  4. Policy. What do you suggest people should do about the issue?
  5. Cause and effect. What are its causes and effects?

Besides, there are different argument strategies that you can use for your gun control essay. The following approaches will help you succeed:

  • Toulmin: use qualifiers and logic instead of appealing to commonalities (it works well in hot debates);
  • Classical: make people care about the matter and accept your stand (it’s the best choice if you feel strongly about persuading readers to agree with you);
  • Rogerian: identify the points of agreement and compromise (it’s a good choice when persuading readers into agreeing with your stance).

After choosing the best approach to tackle the main question, start the writing process.

Writing a strong gun control argumentative essay thesis

Change a topic idea into a certain question that should be answered to transform it into a strong thesis. Feel free to use this question as your essay title or the last line of the introduction. Your answer to it is a thesis statement.

How to write an argumentative essay on gun control

The best thing about argumentative papers on gun control is that their organization and structure are quite straightforward. Your essay should serve these purposes:

  • Explain the controversy clearly.
  • Interest people and make them want to read more.
  • Expound on your ideas and logic.
  • Explain opposing views and arguments.
  • Refuting possible objections.
  • Convincing the audience that your perspective is correct.
  • Urge them to accept your position.

Gun control argumentative essay: Introduction

Give a clear explanation of your chosen subject, make a powerful thesis, and provide background information about the surrounding controversy. Use the title to present your position. Feel free to structure it as a question. A thesis should be clear and answer it.

Essay on gun control pros and cons: Body paragraphs

Explain your viewpoints and reasoning and support them with strong evidence. Use stats about legislation and guns to increase the credibility of your paper. You should anticipate potential objections and address them with the reasoning supported by figures and facts. Review what others think about the same matter and whether you disagree with them. Make sure each paragraph has a separate idea. It also needs to link to the next section with transitions to make your paper easy and interesting to read.


This paragraph should inform the audience what to believe regarding the issue. It summarizes why readers should accept your stance. Give a concise summary without adding anything new.

Gun control argumentative essay: Final thoughts

Taking the above-stated steps will guide you to a well-structured and research paper on gun control. Proofread it to fix avoidable mistakes in spelling, sentence structures, etc. If this task is still confusing to you, entrust your argumentative essay to online professionals. Seek our expert assistance and a reputable team will do a great job for you. Think about raising your potential grades with their help!

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