Examples of Argumentative Essay Writing – Best Tips

For whom do they write argumentative essays?

Let’s leave aside persuasive essays of publicists, philosophers, doctors of sciences and writers. Free argumentative essay on gun control. To these heights one needs to grow. On the agenda students have an argumentative paper as a test work of colleges and universities education, an alternative to the interview. The main reader is teacher or an employer.

What is appreciated in argumentative writing?

The ability to formulate your thoughts, opinions, ideas and write without errors and misprints is good. This is self-evident: an employer may miss one or two mistakes, but muddle text, without checking, will characterize you not in the best way.

Form and style for argumentative essay are secondary. Teacher or employer can please creativity, but if text contains exclusively written truths, your efforts will be wasted.

The content is the main thing. Your ideas, thoughts, emotions – this is what is interesting for readers, that’s why you write are writing argumentative paper.

The essay outline characterizes your personality, skills, temperament and character. Neat handwriting (if you deliver work by paper form), lack of mistakes, perfect style will describe responsible, diligent person. An unusual form will show your creativity. Clear structure and consistent presentation of thoughts will indicate rationality, ability to concentrate and logic. A bit of negative will tell your teacher about your honesty and courage.

You need constant train, to read other people’s essays and compose your own essay samples, applying different schemes. On our website you will have an opportunity to learn how to write papers, to look at preview argumentative essay and samples. This is one of them:

The problem of gun control.
In the United States gun control issue is debated heatedly. The number of crimes with firearms has fallen by 21 percent since early 1990s, the debate has intensified that is connected with several bloody incidents between college students. The most active participants of discussion are supporters of polar viewpoints – either anti gun control activists, who preach unrestricted access of taking guns and pistols, or those gun control supporters, who demand them to be completely banned.

Classic arguments for gun licence are that it is not a pistol, but a man that shoots. Members of National Rifle Association believe that the US Constitution’s second amendment, entitles to bear arms. The future of democracy depends on its preservation. Opponents of “arms lobby” argue that this amendment can be interpreted in different ways, it guarantees collective, not personal, gun control laws, that is army and police would be sufficient. Many people believe that law restricting gun control will lead to crime reduction. Scenes of violence in movies and computer games cause not less, if not more, harm.

The state has no reason to need gun control: these restrictions primarily concern law-abiding citizens and law enforcement officials. Proliferation of weapons in criminal circles requires countervailing measures. Permanent armed forces of employees of all law enforcement agencies should be prerequisite for performance of their official duties. Using weapons to stop crimes and detain criminals who should be considered legitimate and be regarded courage, determination and activity during solving operational and official tasks.

Gun control legislation is “sought-after topic” during election. This is one of few issues in which the watershed between Democrats and Republicans is clear. Republicans support gun control laws that permit carrying of weapons; they state that causes of crimes with use of firearms are moods and character of people, not soft laws. The Democratic Party suggests introducing more stringent procedures of checking and registering those who want to own weapons.

Strict gun control is unnecessary. Citizens with an impeccable legal reputation should be given an opportunity to purchase, store and use short-barreled firearms to defend themselves and suppress crimes. Use of legally stored weapons with counter-criminal purposes should be stimulated and encouraged. Use of illegally held weapons to suppress crimes and detain criminal should exclude criminal responsibility for unlawful possession of it. Tasks priority of struggle against crime should outweigh formal prohibitions.

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