Argumentative essay example on capital punishment necessity is a coherent text, written on a controversial topic. This essay argues a certain thesis statement, about which it is possible to bring arguments to defend. This paper has two goals: to convince somebody of a certain viewpoint and persuade her into the author’s side; to state why this position has been chosen.

The argumentative paper consists of the following elements.

  • Introduction implies:
  • the wording of the topic;
  • the relevance of the topic;
  • divergence of opinions on the topic;
  • structure of topic consideration and transition to basic judgments.
  • Main part implies:
  • judgments (arguments), which the author (3-4) provide;
  • definition of basic concepts used to make judgments;
  • evidence and support: facts or examples that maintain judgments;
  • consideration of counterarguments, or opposing judgments.

It is necessary to show why they are weak.

  • Conclusion implies:
  • repetition of basic conceptions;
  • one or two sentences summarizing arguments in defense of main one judgments;
  • general warning about the consequences of non-acceptance of proposed judgment;
  • general conclusion about the usefulness of this statement.

We provide an example of an argumentative essay that corresponds to the scheme mentioned above and includes indicated items.

Reasons why we should not have capital punishment.

In the United States, there have been and are debates about whether the state has the moral right to deprive the lives of criminals by following letter of the law. Despite the tendency to refrain from death penalty execution, some States support the death penalty sentence as the supreme punishment. It is the same murder, legalized at the state level. Cruelty will breed cruelty. Earlier executions were committed in squares, many people were going to see this “view”: executions were much more sophisticated. But society has changed and become more cultured.

The modern death penalty serves a kind of blood revenge on the principle of “turnabout is fair play “. The rule that the punishment form should be proportionate to the crime has not been abolished. Murder may be different. This is both exceeding limits of necessary self-defense, murder by imprudence or extreme emotional disturbance. Investigative bodies and judicial systems should deal with such cases and consider whether the death was caused intentionally. Deliberate murders have to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The real purpose of punishment is the desire to clean up one’s act: parents punish their children and they understand that they should not behave this way. There are various types of judicial punishment: imprisonment, correctional labor, etc. The death penalty can not lead to a correction.

Countries that support the death penalty will have appropriate institutions, which means the mandatory presence of executioners – people who will bring penalty by capital punishment. They will commit murders, but unlike criminals, death will be their job: in this context, the executioner will not differ from serial killers.

For some capital crimes, they can apply capital punishment deterrent. But not for everyone: serial killers and maniacs who know that they are already waiting for the death penalty just will commit more and more new crimes, cause death because they have nothing to lose. The same can be said about terrorists, who are ready to risk their lives. The fear of sentenced death will not mean anything.

The irreversibility of capital punishment can be a good deterrent for many types of crimes. In China, people can be executed for bribes or drug trafficking. Unlike countries with the death penalty abolished, it has a low percentage of crimes: no one wants to lose their lives just for earning an extra several hundred thousand dollars.

In most countries, the death sentence is awarded to criminals who committed serious offenses: treason, murder, terrorism, espionage. Some countries have capital punishment for minor offenses. In China, people are deprived of their lives because of pimping, forging money or poaching, Islamic countries are using the punishment death penalty for homosexual relationships or Muslim women’s connections with men of other religions. It is not fair to equalize pimp with serial killers. The risk of judicial error exists: there are many examples if a person was found not guilty after several decades of imprisonment. In the death penalty case, innocently convicted persons will not be justified.

To have death punishment can a state whose judicial system is ideal and not corrupt, where the court’s verdict (or another authorized body) is not questioned and does mean that this person deserves death. Until we come to this system, the death penalty must be replaced with life imprisonment. There are ways to make a person’s existence unbearable without killing.

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