20 Jul, 2017

The Best Capital Punishment Argumentative Essay: Tried and Tested Tricks

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To submit a great capital punishment argumentative essay, make sure you have a personal opinion on this matter and give enough evidence for readers to support it. Sometimes, students can’t decide on their position because they lack arguments. If you have the same problem, keep reading this helpful guide to understand what points to support in your paper.

Capital punishment definition

Capital punishment is also called the death penalty. It’s defined as a legal practice where people are killed by the state to punish them for the severe crimes they committed. Nowadays, this issue is associated with a lot of controversies.

Argumentative essay for capital punishment: Common mistakes

These inefficient strategies should be avoided because they’ll only waste your time:

  1. Clichés. These aren’t evidence, so they only take your space and reduce credibility. These are old and overused expressions that won’t add anything original or valuable to your piece of writing.
  2. Biased statements. This subject is emotionally charged. Focus on the right tone and avoid an angry rant.
  3. Basing arguments only on religion. Stay away from faith-based claims. Teachers expect you to use research-based facts from reliable sources, not religious texts.

The death penalty debate: Pros and cons

When researching this topic, you’ll find both pros and cons. Take into account the following arguments for the death penalty:

  • People who killed someone have no right to live in society because they can cause harm to others.
  • The society has the duty of taking away the lives of people who kill others.
  • The knowledge of capital punishment prevents people from committing serious crimes.

Why the death penalty should be abolished

  • Sometimes, innocent people are punished.
  • The death penalty is morally wrong because it makes society brutal and cruel.
  • Murder rates in countries with the death penalty are the same.

How to write a capital crime argumentative essay

To draft your paper the smart way, take these simple steps:

  1. Learn the basics of this assignment.
  2. Choose your focus.
  3. Find reliable sources.
  4. Outline and prewrite.
  5. Write your essay.

Learn the basics of your assignment

Understand your teacher’s requirements by giving answers to the following questions:

If you overlook any of these basic points, you’ll fail to submit a perfect argumentative essay.

Choose your focus

When writing about capital punishment, the first thought is about whether it should be legal or not. However, you can find more original topics. Once you choose the best one, make a powerful thesis to identify the focus of your paper. It should be debatable and let the audience know your stance. Make your thesis specific and clear.

Find credible sources

Conduct research to find updated and credible sources of information to support your opinion on capital punishment. For example, you can use journals, books, websites, etc.

Outline and prewrite

After defining your topic, thesis, focus, and sources, you need to organize information into a detailed outline. Take notes and prewrite to determine major ideas. Use this plan to put all arguments in place. Feel free to try clustering or listing instead of outlining.

Write a perfect draft

To submit a brilliant argumentative essay on capital punishment, write a catchy introduction, state key arguments and support them with evidence in the main body, and wrap all thoughts up with a remarkable conclusion.

Capital punishment argumentative essay: Writing tips

Use these simple tips to increase your chance to get high scores:

  • Include a few quotes of famous people to make your arguments sound more convincing;
  • Use real-life examples to make readers believe you;
  • Tell what well-known social organizations say about the death penalty to make your paper more credible.

Use this information to write a strong capital punishment argumentative essay. If these helpful ideas aren’t enough for you to achieve this goal, think about ordering a custom paper from our team of professional writers. Take advantage of top-quality online services. Get expert help to meet the highest academic standards with ease!

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