Argumentative essay sample about a divorce process

Divorce is one of the most ruinous things, which can occur in the family. If it takes place, it can drastically change the lives of adults, as well as of their children. It’s of great importance to avoid divorce before it brings to ruin many lives.

Undoubtedly, divorce causes many serious problems for those who decide to undergo it. First of all, it fully ruins the already formed family. It may be less disastrous if there are still no children. Nonetheless, many parents decide to undergo this procedure at any cost. This is the most dangerous outcome and that’s a fact. Children are the most vulnerable victims of divorce.

Unfortunately, many parents seem to be obsessed with their own personal problems. Their ego is obviously too strong and they forget about the dearest creatures in the world. These are their children. The reasons for splitting are different. Mostly, two characters cannot live with one another for too long. They constantly quarrel and confront each other. Secondly, some domestic violence may take place. Thirdly, the factor of money may play its role.

No matter what reason was the trigger, the whole process negatively reflects on the children even if they are pretty grownup. Many children grow up totally unhappy. Some of them carry psychological trauma throughout their entire life. Such children are emotionally vulnerable and even suffer from different mental diseases. Oftentimes, they aren’t able to create their own families or divorce like their parents.

Consequently, it’s important for couples to avoid divorce. No matter what their major differences are, it’s necessary to do something for the sake of the marriage divorce-proof. They ought to reconsider the whole matter and find the solution together. Their children are the biggest victims and not all can pass this challenge without negative consequences.

The issue of divorce is widely spread around the globe and it hurts all. Parents have to do their best to save their marriage and keep their children happy. Otherwise, there is a great risk of ruining the lives of innocent kids who aren’t guilty.

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