Argumentative essay topic ideas

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An argumentative essay topics against law points are pop selection. Good topics may comprise acts that writer wants to establish, vary or fully revoke. Topic ideas can debate definite profits & privative facets of present acts.

You don’t need to have legal education. Learn actual acts regarding elected subject.

Should snouts & tobacco be proclaimed, should harlotry be lawful; Do profits of medic marihuana warrant its legitimacy?

Should drinking age be beneath, higher or the same?

Do proscribing controllable matters solely establish black market or it’s false?

Writing argumentative essay topics.

Selecting theme that everybody talks about do writing argumentative essay much easier.

Be convinced you select problem that doesn’t have reply reader afore agrees on.

Select people who don’t consent with thou; it’s good if each person will have his own view about subject.

You apparently require choosing argumentative essay topics which is readable to thou.

Here are some more persuasive essay topics; let’s look on them.

Why Americans are become more obese; what children need to do to be healthy & to keep normal weight?

How thou can lose and keep off weight?

Does weight increases because of genetics, milieu or other features; How people stay lean without doing any exercises?

What is correlation betwixt eating, gymnastics & weight?

The best diets for everyone: low carbohydrate methods – Paleo, South Beach, Adkins etc.

Is it true that Jenny Craig & Nutrisystem diets actually help middle school students to retain weight?

Why weight observers & different dietaries elaborated mostly by medico?

Is it normal to control weight considering calories?

What is effective student’s regime; what’s main reason that people wants to choose gluten-free dietary?

Are vegan diets useful; sugar is harmful, isn’t it?

Does constraining rate of non-alcohol drinks that are sold aids soundness?

Should universities have vending apparatus whether vend sparkling water, lollipops & adverse appetizers?

What universities can do to contribute student’s health?

Does periodic abstinent aids thou to be appropriate?

How fat people can lose weight without problems for lustiness; do different television programs stimulate people to be healthier or it’s not true?

What’s reason of anorexia; how thou can avert it, how people help friends with anorexia & why children become anorexic?

Have thou heard about pathological adiposity; how it influences on vitality?

Should it be actuarial prize for fat people?

Is sweetener good while man is on diet; what is the best method to be thinner, diets or sports?

Argumentative essays incline to intersect with law & ethical subjects, more concern about how personality with community & what species of community places persons or groups of people.

It’s quite wide class, there are lots list topics to select from.

Advertisement & mass media have become inseparable from community. Writing argumentative dissertation comprises how media influences people, what should be admitted to see or hear via publicity.

Muse to establish proper commercial or media argumentative essay themes isn’t arduous to detect, switch on television & don’t vary canal when advertising starts.

Should sex be admitted to de represented on television?

Where web should conduct range to force on tube?

Should novelties display against eminences; do columnists have debt to remove as much jaundice as possible?

Is it reasonable for companies to promote at schools; in what contexts should publicity for strong drinks & tobacco be admitted?

It was simple essay writing themes. Don’t forget about argumentative thesis, introductory paragraph and make something perfect. We hope this article was interesting to thou, now it will be simple to write the argumentative essay outline.

Argumentative essay structure and topic examples

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An argument essay is a “genre” or kind of written text that is used to teach high school students ability to argue. The word “argument” in context of argumentative essay structure means exploring debatable topic after determining its key problems by developing ideas that are based on evidence support from relevant sources.

Writing argumentative essay will be easy if you follow rules of essay genre.

Essay topic selection

Topic can be predetermined by teachers or your instructor can specify an area of subject, to which chosen topic should be related. Another option you choose it by yourself. With an independent choice of theme, remember that it is necessary to choose one on which you can most logically explain your position and provide excellent essay.

Possible mistakes

  • Commonplace truth. What would you think, after reading 6 pages of argumentative paper with thesis statement “men descended from monkeys”? If you have found revolutionary proofs of evolution theory, this is fine, but this is no longer argumentative essay research.
  • Too controversial issue. Do not touch areas that are not discussed – religion, politics, personal preferences, culture, some social issues etc. The key is not to show your indifference about these issues, your opinion can go against opinion of teachers. If these questions are interesting to you – postpone it for future research paper. Persuasive essay is not good place for them, try to choose a good topic.

Structure the argumentative paper implies

Argumentative essay structure has three main parts: introduction, thesis argumentation, conclusion. Thesis is the main idea of work. You can have it after argumentation, it will enter conclusion. If you have an opinion on given question, start argumentative essay writing with thesis, give arguments. The key is consistency and logic of text. If you use excerpts of other people’s work or quotes from books – you should mention them in footnotes. Break text into paragraphs in accordance with thought course – reasoning should be divided into several parts.

Basic mistakes

  • Most of student investigate topic, use shocking facts from press, “rules of life” of famous people or flat jokes – various phrases of Steve Jobs have placated eyes of teachers.
  • Your task is to draw and hold attention throughout text; if an introduction begin with dry statements of facts, reader’s attention will fade away before the main part.
  • Trace clear connection of thoughts and facts, which connects the main theme, introduction and subsequent paragraphs. Do not provide excess information.

Examples of argumentative essay topics

Describe situation if you had misunderstanding with your friends or family, what did you do?

Friendship comes and goes: have you realized that you have been losing friend and what did you feel?

Describe yourself with three words.

Have you ever had moments in your life when you were given advice or reccomendations, did not you follow them, and regretted it?

What life lessons did you get beyond school?

Describe situation if you tried hard to achieve something, but did not get it; what did you learn from this?

Tell us about situation if you were blamed for your will. What did you do?

Have you ever had moments in your life when you wanted to quit your project without completing it and why?

Describe situation if you played an important role in school life.

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Sample of argumentative writing

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Any text, whether it’s persuasive essay, argumentative writing, thesis, abstract, article, story, should have clear structure. Even blog entry has its own structure. What can we say about argumentative essay based on necessity of proving rightness of one’s opinion and attempts convince audience?

Writing argumentative essay differs from many other students’ tasks by “freedom of creativity”.  We all know: the more freedom, the more responsibility:  receiving this freedom, you should think about the structure of future paper by yourself. Its structure depends on goals, form, style writing, type. Essay-narration will begin with string, an essay-illustration with one or several theses, persuasive and argumentative essays will have to be built in accordance with laws of logic.

Students need to develop paper structure beforehand. It’s best to take a sheet of paper and outline rough plan: it is “skeleton” of text, to which you will subsequently build up “flesh”. The plan is needed for any text.

Plan composing

Any written work, any text has:

1) Introduction.

The first part of the text acquaint readers with an affair, brings them to problem, which is paper is devoted to. You do not need long introduction – one or two paragraphs will be sufficient. Pay attention to the title: it should sneak up on a question under discussion and meet reader’s eye. To headline text “nature versus nurture” or “textbooks with tablets” will not be good option, it is best to say “What are benefits of using tablets instead textbooks?”, “Do you believe that nurture predominates nature?”

2) The main part.

The main part requires the most attention. It can have different structure:

  • Thesis-argumentation, thesis-argumentation, thesis-argumentation: we fix thought and we prove it using statistics facts and figures etc;
  • Reverse structure (facts-output): we describe situation, provide reasoning, draw conclusion;
  • Thesis and several arguments (facts): one idea is confirmed by several illustrations. The thesis can be both at the beginning, and after these illustrations.

By “thesis” we mean short finished thought, which an author wants to convey to readers of his work. Argument is proof of this thesis. It can be situation from life, news, scientist’s opinion, scientific theory or fact proven by science.


Home schooled students will get better education.

Children’s characters depend both on nature and nurture, because their individualities are formed in the aggregate of these factors.  

Ideally, one statement should be confirmed by two arguments: one of them reader may find unconvincing; three overload text. You are free to provide to your thesis any number of arguments – it depends on your thought, logic of narration, volume, text plan. It is essential to maintain consistency, laconism and imagery of text.

Examples of arguments:

Home schooling allows children to be more focused on learning, not on communication and games.

Tablets can replace textbooks, because it is convenient for student not to bring into school a lot of heavy books.

3) Conclusion.

It summarize everything that was said. An author sums up results together with reader; it is essential that conclusions are not contrived and do not arise “from nowhere”, they contain what readers should come to, having familiarized themselves with the main part of your work.

Where to begin?

Start with the main body of text. Introduction and conclusion is easier to complete after you make sure that basis of your persuasive writing is logical and understandable to readers. If you took care of detailed plan, paper composing will be easy.


Best argumentative essay topics

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When one needs to pick the topic he or she thinks that it is a complicated task. Controversial argumentative essay topics consists of definite parts, supposes use of certain rules and should be focused on some idea, statement or argument, which has both proponents and opponents. Sounds like a challenge, does not it? Good topic allows people to create strong thesis statement, write great, collect evidence. They can get an A for their efforts.  If you are not a college student you can expect that your teacher will help you – in high schools professors provide students with interesting topics.  However a teacher may consider that it is easy, and make you search essay examples by yourself. Internet is used to help people find paper topics. Many students use various online academic resources to impress their professors.  On this site you can find topics you can use to create reliable, thoughtful, and persuasive academic papers.

College students can use following questions when writing an argumentative essay:

If God is an absolute good, why does evil exist?

Is army an instrument of peace or war?

Students spend a lot of time playing video games. Do we need to forbid them to prevent the growth of violence rates among youth and college communities?

Students perform better when use legal stimulants; should they be forbidden?

Is television negative social phenomenon, do TV programs determine our thoughts, interests and preferences?

Is prostitution an instrument of deterrence? Should it be legalized?

Marijuana – dangerous drug or safe entertainment, and if alcohol is legal, should we legalize it?

Do students get support from college communities? Are they dangerous?

Rich people get more than 99% of world wealth, should the governments of countries increase taxes for oligarchs?

Poor homeless on the streets – should we give them money, try help people or ignore them because it is their choice consequence?

Who is right, theists or atheists? Is God real?

Are social networks the source of communication of the tool destroying privacy in all countries of the world?

Is education obligatory, should we pay so much for the opportunity to get higher education?

Pregnancy at 15, do we need abortions?

Can parents help students perform their duties at colleges, institutes and university and when to stop care of children?

Can adolescents use contraceptives and birth-control pills without asking parents’ permission?

Taking into account school shooters, should guns remain to be legalized?

Mass media – unprejudiced information sources or politically biased channels?

If censorship is a necessary phenomenon, how far it can go; can we censor Internet, and if yes, should we limit our freedom of speech?

Remember, persuasive essay topics must be controversial. Argumentative essay requires conflict, idea which will influence people’s minds. Do not think that it is hard – easy argumentative essay may be interesting and significant. Your essay topics can be not only in the form of questions – you can use statements.  Topic must cause reader’s reaction, negative or positive emotions.

Feminism is unnecessary old and rudimentary phenomenon.

Abortion is a murder, women do not have right to do that; interruption of pregnancy should be forbidden de jure.

Nuclear weapon is the only instrument able to support peace in the world.

Large corporations do not have to take care of small business, market is market, the strongest survives.

Animal testing is not a moral issue, we can harm them if it saves people’s lives.

Atheists are people without moral.

Freedom of speech grants everyone the right to say anything about anyone and not to be afraid of being punished for it.

Pre-employment drug test violate people’s rights.

Immigrants are serious threat for world society.

Social networks replace our real lives, making us forget about dates, face-to-face communication, etc.

Argumentative writing requires deep thinking and analysis. Topic sentence does not have to be polite, it must be even radical. Professors see students as people who are able to develop interesting and reasonable arguments, we should not disappoint them. If you do not think that you can cope with such kind of work, you can order complicated or easy argumentative essay using our service.