50 Best Argumentative Essay College Topics in 2019: Ready Examples to Impress Your Teacher

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Need to write an argumentative essay, but do not know where to start? Want to improve your essay writing skills and deliver a real masterpiece to leave your audience speechless? No problem at all. We are always ready to share all the secrets of winning essay writing — from the essay topic selection to formulating your thoughts. We are here to help you with the assignment.

No matter what type of writing and project you are engaged in, whether it is a dissertation, thesis, essay, or a speech text, it all starts with the theme selection. Choosing the right topic is the key to successful writing, which is especially true about argumentative essay writing. The theme must necessarily correspond to the problems of the course under study. What is more, the student should take into account his own scientific interests and hobbies in the field to make sure the essay writing process doesn’t bore you from the very beginning. In addition, it is necessary to adequately assess the possibility of discussing a theme in full. Thus, it is necessary to take into account the availability and accessibility of literature on the chosen topic, to estimate the theme difficulty, your strengths, and set realistic tasks for yourself.

Argumentative essay topics selection & writing tips

Once you have an idea on ​​what to write a college essay about, you should study the chosen theme. This is a necessary and important step in writing an argumentative essay. You should be well versed in the subjects and know what opinions exist about it in order to prepare your clear and consistent argument. You can search for literature in the library, on the Internet, read articles in newspapers, and other sources to get information.

During the collection of information, you should prepare as much evidence as possible — all the data are to support your point of view. Statistics, graphs, facts, empirical studies — all this will help you to make your argument and give constructive criticism of the opposite point of view if any.

Develop your core statement. This position contains the answer to the question. This is your main argument you are to state and prove with facts. Every proof and every paragraph will revolve around this idea confirming it. This statement should be clear and understandable to the audience. So make sure the topic of your argumentative paper and a thesis statement match.

Once you have decided on the side of your argumentative essay topic to represent, it is necessary to logically adhere to it and support the statement throughout the entire argumentative essay. If you change your mind, you have to rewrite the previous college essay paragraphs from scratch.

Make sure you clearly mark the spotlight. Every sentence in your argumentative essay should clearly indicate what you want to convey. You can even narrow the subject to highlight your position. For example, if you are talking gender equality in child custody, you do not need to be scattered with arguments about the rights of men and women in general. Your main goal is to be specific in your persuasive essay writing.

When selecting a college essay topic and covering it in your persuasive essay, it is necessary to rate your audience. Are you going to write at the academic level or to students of your age or to the readers of your parents’ age category? Your arguments must clearly support the logic, while you should focus on the emotional component of the theme.

How to select an argumentative essay topic?

Argumentative essays, also known as persuasive papers, require a writer to formulate his point of view on a given topic. Therefore, it is very important to choose a theme you have an opinion about and can clearly state on paper. What is more, it is always important to keep in mind interests of your audience and the theme up-to-dateness. If you have no idea what theme to choose, we have collected several great ideas to motivate and inspire you.

Argumentative essay topics about immigration

Immigration is a hot topic today. No matter what country you reside in, the question of immigration is very acute. Some people think that there is nothing bad in it, while others are against the tendency of people immigrating to other countries, especially when it comes to immigration. All in all, you will hardly find a person who is indifferent to this essay theme, which means that your argumentative essay is doomed to success. Here are some great argumentative essay topics connected with immigration that might inspire you.

  1. The increase in illegal immigration is due to poverty.
  2. Prostitution is associated with illegal immigration.
  3. Border policy in countries like the USA is irrelevant.
  4. The only way to stop illegal immigration is to make changes in rules.
  5. A system should be developed to send back illegal immigrants.
  6. Immigration is a help, rather than a hindrance, to the national economy.
  7. Immigration improves national attitudes towards foreigners and foreign cultures.
  8. Illegal immigrants may cause danger to their lives.
  9. All people born on national territory should be given citizenship.

Persuasive essay topics about animals

If you are interested in animals, especially animal rights and welfare, there are many persuasive essay themes that you can select from. There are all types of controversial issues in the modern world that revolve around animals. So your college essay theme will be always acute and important to the reader. Here are some of the essay theme examples you can consider for a persuasive essay:

  1. Medical animal testing is ethically wrong.
  2. Zoos are good for animals.
  3. Euthanizing stray animals is a humane solution.
  4. Sport hunting is unethical and inhumane
  5. Keeping wild-caught exotic pets is inhumane.
  6. Wearing fur or leather is always ethical.
  7. Animal dissection is a useful learning tool for students.
  8. Companion animals can help people who are lonely.
  9. Animal health is useless and expensive.
  10. The use of animals in medical research is a necessary evil.
  11. We need to protect dolphins better.
  12. Purchasing animal-tested cosmetics is wrong.
  13. Cats should get annual vaccinations.
  14. Animal extinction caused by humans should be stopped.
  15. A pet is not a child’s birthday present.

Persuasive essay topics about technology

In today’s world, it is hardly possible to find people who are not interested in modern technologies, new technological trends, and development directions. That is why it is always a good idea to cover technology-related themes in your persuasive essay writing. Here are some examples that you can use as a source of inspiration:

  1. Does technology facilitate the current learning process?
  2. Can technology stop cyberbullying anyway?
  3. Videos tutorials or classroom lectures — which is beneficial?
  4. Computers to replace doctors by 2059: true or false?
  5. How should social media be policed to reduce cyber-bullying?
  6. What technological breakthrough needs to happen very soon?
  7. Should the amount of technology research funding be increased or decreased?
  8. What is the cost of modern technology & innovations?
  9. Marrying robots: myth or reality?
  10. The progress of artificial intelligence is the act against God
  11. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are a danger to our privacy
  12. Has social media encouraged positive or negative communications among people?

Funny argumentative essay themes

It is always exciting to write an argumentative essay about something funny — it will bore neither you or reader. In this case, you will never fail. If you are searching for good ideas of college essay themes to cover in your argumentative essay writing, here is a great argumentative essay theme selection for you:

  1. Why spam email is your favorite type of message?
  2. Why gaming is the only thing you are expert at?
  3. Why customers are always wrong?
  4. How smoking helps your health?
  5. Why dental braces are fun to wear?
  6. Ways to win a contest for the worst ever tattoo.
  7. Things your mother is always saying.
  8. Why it is essential to get your grandma her own iPhone.
  9. What feminism ever did to you?
  10. The things girls would like guys to know.
  11. The advice a guy would give a girl about makeup.
  12. Ways to lose one’s BFF.
  13. Certain things that guys hate about girls.

It is never right or wrong in college argumentative essay titles. Select an essay theme that really interests you, and you will definitely win your audience.

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50 Best Topics for Your Argumentative Essay: How to Pick a Good One

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There are many papers that high-school and college students need to submit. An argumentative essay is a popular type of assignment. Don’t mix it with persuasive essays. Complete it as a part of a student’s homework or class activity. Teachers assign this type of writing to children in schools to check their English and critical thinking ability and see how well they demonstrate their knowledge and argue different views. It takes a lot of work to write an original piece and convince people to agree with you. Everything starts with picking the best argumentative essay topics. These are creative ideas to facilitate research efforts. If you find it hard to select the juiciest topic, read this article to get helpful information. It will make your life easier and save time on social activities.

A great idea for your argumentative essay: Effective ways to choose

The best argumentative essay topics are easy to find in the age of technological progress, economic changes, and political debates. Choosing a good subject is a responsible stage, and it’s not easy for most students. Sticking to contradictive subjects is not a bad idea. It helps you impress readers. Avoid moral issues as they don’t support any logical discussion. Find the ideas relevant to society and give clear reasons to choose your stance. Put enough criticism and analysis of different problems. Post a strong argument as it’s a great way to get started and persuade professors. Apply effective approaches based on your academic field. Once you decide on the right subject, start working on the action plan or outline.

Perfect argumentative essay topics: Basic characteristics

Focus on a single subject in your paper or you’ll only confuse readers. Make a firm, debatable, and clear thesis. It’s not allowed to cover different issues at once as they’ll lose interest in reading. Besides, you have a limited number of words. Avoid discussing global or national problems because they require long pages. Don’t include useless examples or descriptions. Argumentative essay topics have these characteristics:

  • Debatable
  • Current
  • Manageable
  • Researchable

Look at the following list of popular argumentative essay topics. They’re worth considering and fit different areas. You can change them according to teachers’ requirements.

Common argumentative essay topics

  • Was Shakespeare real?
  • Are changes in the taxation system necessary?
  • The growing number of teenage mothers.
  • Are girls very mean?
  • Does fashion play a big role today?
  • How long does a modern movie take?
  • Do people influence global climate change?
  • Is college admission too tough?
  • Military service: men and women.
  • Test scores indicate individual competency.
  • Today’s aggressive feminism: negative and positive outcomes.
  • Celebrities fail political careers.
  • The death penalty is effective.
  • Animals in experiments and testing.

Argumentative essay topics on social media, sports, and technology

  • How cigarettes affect well-being?
  • Is it alright to market to a child?
  • Does the government have its right to view personal profiles?
  • Are cell phones harmful to people?
  • Can employees find a new job on social media?
  • Are young people dependent on computers?
  • Earning good money on social media.
  • What will the world look like in the next century?
  • Front-end development and its future.
  • Spy apps on mobile phones invade privacy.
  • Corporations use chips to control all employees: is it ethical?
  • Are teenagers reliant on information technologies?
  • Modifying consumer behavior: Critical factors.
  • Video games that teens play increase violence.
  • Is cheating in sports appropriate?
  • Do competitions prove individual competence?
  • Legal alternatives to steroids and their use.
  • Participation in sports keeps teenagers out of trouble.

Social and health-related argumentative essay topics

  • The government must provide the nation with premium-quality medical care.
  • How much water should people drink each day?
  • Technological devices can cause cancer.
  • Laws against alcohol usage.
  • How vegetarians survive.
  • Self-treatment or going to the hospital: Benefits and drawbacks.
  • Effective ways to deal with naughty teens in a family.
  • Fast food and its health risks.
  • Does age matter in personal relationships?
  • Treating abortion as a crime.
  • Low prices on condoms can prevent teen pregnancy.
  • Paternity leave from work: male employees.

Argumentative essay topics for middle and high school

  • How can parents punish their kids effectively?
  • Public schools need to add creationism to educational programs.
  • Metal music must be banned because of its violent lyrics.
  • Making friends virtually.
  • The student’s right to critique and evaluate teachers.
  • Tracing a person over the Internet.
  • School uniforms and their role.
  • Education in China: is it better than the system in the United States?
  • Globalization: Pros and cons.
  • Homeschooling is an effective alternative.
  • College tuition fees are too high.
  • Attending same-sex schools: advantages.
  • India is a genuine superpower.

Useful tips on writing a successful argumentative essay

Follow these expert guidelines to craft an excellent piece of writing. Feel free to discuss different subjects in contemporary life. Stay away from the fantastic matter because you must sound realistic, give real-life examples, and use solid facts. That’s why choosing the above-stated ideas will always work. Include a catchy hook to capture people’s attention. It can be anything from a literary quote and a rhetorical question to a famous saying.

Don’t use first-person perspectives, though you can share personal views. Read relevant sources to find the ideas opposing your stance. Take strong evidence only from updated and creative sources and include it in the main body. Avoid subjects without any opposing opinions. Select an original idea and stay unbiased while proving your viewpoint. These elements will support your research:

  • Judgments
  • Supportive arguments
  • Expert feedback
  • Clear criteria

End your paper with a catchy call to action to sell your point and make readers want to discuss it again or continue their research.

Formatting argumentative essays: Important principles

Mention every source you use in your essay separately to format it correctly. Take notes to add a new quote as this information can help you write a bibliography easier and faster. The right format affects final grades. There are different citation styles to choose from, and they all have unique rules. The most popular ones include APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard, ACS, etc. For example, computer science students use IEEE references.

Most professors assign the required format, but there are some general rules to follow to avoid copyright infringement. Conduct extra research before you start writing. Use helpful templates as they have all the key formatting elements. Control your fonts, margins, indents, and other important features. Each citation style has a unique approach to references. In-text citations can be either author-date style or numerical.

These guidelines will help you choose amazing argumentative essay topics and write a brilliant piece. If you need help with outlining, formatting, or editing, contact educational professionals. Talk to them about your problems, and they’ll solve them very fast. Use our top-quality professional services online. Order an original paper from us to relieve your workload and improve marks.

A List of Topics for the Best Argumentative Essay in 2019

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This type of essay focuses on proving that your stance is valid, so it turns theory into fact. Spend enough time on developing a strong argument and persuading other people. Successful students in the United States design a unique set of principles to maximize their grades. The validity of viewpoints depends on source materials and evidence. Conduct in-depth research in order to choose great and unique issues for your paper. Look at the best argumentative essay topics 2019. They’re in different groups and cover a range of social and other issues.

Choose an interesting idea to make a good argument: tips to outline your research work

An essay introduces claims about both sides of a matter. Its tone depends on a writer’s opinion on a given matter. Its main purpose is to introduce a certain case to readers and convince them to change their viewpoints. Show them a full picture and find the best argumentative essay topics 2019. Simple matters may require a straightforward approach. When writing about controversial issues, research and use many sources to back up. According to experts, the assignment has three basic models:

  1. Toulmin model. Academic papers need an introduction with a thesis statement and the main body with background information and supporting evidence. College students list reasons to believe their stance.
  2. Rogerian model. It requires evaluating both sides, listing their pros and cons, and leaving advice after your evaluation.
  3. Classical model. Introduce a specific issue, offer your personal solution or a thesis statement, and try to persuade people that you’re right. The basic goal is to make the audience care about a subject.

Argumentative essay topics 2019: picking the best ideas for your paper

Finding excellent issues is a simple task if you follow some helpful guidelines. Many subjects are controversial and prone to prejudice. When drafting and editing your paper, be sure to understand both sides. Select a neutral subject to which you’re indifferent. Use these basic tips to make the right choice:

  • Consider the issues of your interest (you must have the in-depth knowledge of them to express a strong opinion);
  • Follow the latest trends relevant to a specific field;
  • Avoid emotional subjects because this assignment is about staying logical and calm with judgments;
  • Find secondary and primary sources to decide if they’re enough for writing a convincing piece;
  • Avoid matters with a general or broad focus because of a limited word count;
  • Consider the audience you plan to reach and whether they will accept your stance;
  • Brainstorm a list of excellent subjects and select the right one;
  • Take a risk and discuss a debatable matter to prove your position and earn higher grades;
  • Take relevant experience into consideration.

The best topics by category: read and create an outline

If you find it hard to pick interesting matters for your assignment, look at helpful examples. Use them as your inspiration and guidance to write an ideal piece.

A student’s social media speech ideas

It plays an important role in daily life. It’s a significant field of study that has influenced many political decisions. Consider these suggestions:

  • Its important role in education;
  • Can Instagram make users more narcissistic?
  • Should companies fire customers due to their inappropriate behavior?
  • Are anonymous profiles dangerous?
  • Should they tackle online bullying?
  • Users paying to get their privacy;
  • Proper punctuation and its importance on social media.

Essays on video games, movies, and TV

The modern industry produces a lot of content. However, many movies and video games don’t undergo any extensive evaluation before their release. That’s why many consumers question its promotion of dangerous and harmful stereotypes. Discuss some of them in your essay:

  • Does TV capture the diversity of the United States?
  • Do movies romanticize sexual harassment?
  • Do violent video games affect children?
  • What makes a great cartoon to children?
  • Do modern films promote any specific set of values?
  • Cybersports and sports: are they equal?
  • Commercials are art.

Essays on music, art, and literature

These subjects have a lot of room for discussion because they cover issues of authenticity.

  • Borrowing is stealing in music;
  • Libraries and their importance in modern days;
  • Is it appropriate to display art in public places?
  • Graffiti is allowed as an art;
  • Rap counts as music;
  • Aspiring artists and their support by society;
  • Is it good that modern pop music is recyclable?

Picking health matters and making a strong argument is a tested policy

Leading a healthy lifestyle is popular nowadays. There are many specialized online shop and health blogs. You have a lot of freedom when writing your essay about this matter.

  • Are models too skinny?
  • Are anti-smoking ads disturbing?
  • Should the government regulate sugar in products?
  • Authorities and their role in reviewing menu compositions and nutritional guidelines in schools and colleges;
  • Penalties for drinking teens.

Science and technology

These issues are great for writing a successful essay:

  • Climate change and if the society should worry about it;
  • Banning nuclear weapons and their development internationally;
  • Manipulations with the human body through technology shouldn’t be allowed;
  • Slowing aging with science is unethical;
  • Human chipping is an absurd concept.


  • Pupils and their right to grade educators;
  • A standard testing system needs updates;
  • Marks don’t reflect real knowledge;
  • Learning subjects or human interaction at school;
  • Drug testing of teens at school is ethical;
  • The use of technological devices in the class: is it appropriate?
  • Teachers must provide children with more opportunities to express creativity;
  • A standard testing system doesn’t measure true abilities.


  • Some games are too intensive to youngsters;
  • Sport betting must be legal;
  • Cheerleading is a sport;
  • Dangerous games on TV: is it a bad trend?
  • Doping control is necessary to all athletes.

Hopefully, these useful lists will give some original subjects for your next assignment. Pick a good one to discuss in your text and increase your chance to impress professors.

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Argumentative Essay Structure: Important Components

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When students write argumentative papers, it’s necessary to set their emotions aside. To complete this assignment successfully, base your arguments only on logic and facts. This type of academic writing involves a lot of research and structuring important findings into the argument that highlights your points in a well-organized manner. A strong argumentative paper requires a structured format. It’s a common assignment, but many students fail to complete it correctly. Master a proper argumentative essay structure to succeed.

Argumentative essay structure: Prewriting activities

No single structure fits all argumentative papers because each one has its unique goals. Consider the targeted audience to use the right pattern and format. Before you start writing your essay, take these simple prewriting steps:

  1. Pick an interesting topic that you feel passionate about. It should be a controversial or debatable issue to find a lot of supporting information.
  2. Conduct in-depth research to collect strong data to support your position and know opposing points. You need to refute them in your argumentative essay.
  3. Organize your research. Determine the strongest arguments and find evidence to support each one. Identify opposing points and gather enough information to refute them all.

A sample structure of an argumentative essay

Its structure is quite similar to other academic papers. To end up with a strong argumentative essay structure, follow this sample format:

  • Introductory paragraph
  • The body with a few paragraphs
  • A paragraph to refute opposing points
  • Conclusion

Focus on supporting your argument instead of the opposition. Include opposing views only to prove your judgments and points.

How to structure an argumentative essay

Everything starts with a catchy introduction. Find an interesting and powerful hook to catch readers’ attention. Know your audience because different readers may need different approaches.

Don’t write too much in the introduction. You only need to name a particular topic and share background information. Explain why it matters and who should care about it. Besides, work on a strong thesis or your main argument. State your position clearly without asking any questions.

Work on your arguments

Support every claim you make with relevant and strong evidence. What is the claim? Why use evidence in your argumentative essay?

  • Claims are statements that support your thesis.
  • No one will believe you without strong evidence.
  • Evidence is reliable stats and facts that you find during research.
  • Your personal knowledge or experiences aren’t pieces of evidence.
  • Use sources carefully.
  • Add opposing points because readers think your assumptions are subjective without them.

Looking at opposing views

All people can have different opinions on the same issue. Don’t forget that when working on a paragraph where you refute opposing views. Personal ideas must be supported by strong facts. Use enough evidence to prove your stance for every opposing argument that you include in your essay.

How to conclude an argumentative paper

When arguing different points, some readers may lose their focus. Remind them of your subject and its importance by restating a thesis. You also need to make it clear for everyone why your main argument is winning.

The importance of revisions

It’s easy to structure and write a rough draft of your argumentative essay after conducting research, gathering evidence, and following its outline. However, the process doesn’t stop at this point. You should proofread and edit a rough draft to fix its grammar, style, and punctuation. If you lack good skills, ask others to help you. Read your paper out loud to catch possible mistakes.

What if you need professional help?

If the above-stated ideas and examples aren’t enough for you to end up with a clear argumentative essay structure, feel free to get expert assistance online. Our team of professional writers will help you solve all academic issues, no matter whether you have challenges with a concluding paragraph, claims, or the entire essay. Order effective solutions from top writing experts.

Sample of Argumentative Writing: Guidelines to Earn High Scores

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Many students struggle when it comes to argumentative writing, but they need to complete this academic task as a part of their coursework. It can turn out to be very time-consuming and difficult if you don’t know the right steps. Drafting a great argumentative essay sample is about gathering relevant information, using the right format, and taking other steps. Master this type of academic writing to become a successful student.

What Is an Argumentative Essay Sample?

In argumentative writing, authors present both sides of a given subject. Its basic purpose is to inform readers instead of convincing them. Don’t confuse it with persuasive essays. Your thesis should include the main points on both sides. There are two common approaches to argumentative writing:

  • Presenting both sides equally;
  • Focus on one side more than on opposing points.

Analyze subjects from different perspectives. Pay more attention to data and facts than personal preferences or thoughts.

Sample Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

Everything starts with picking a great topic. There are tons of ideas to choose from. Look for a debatable topic. Feel free to use one of these sample argumentative essay topics:

  • Violent video games and their negative impact on modern kids;
  • The society is too dependent on technology;
  • Microsoft or Apple: what brand is more helpful;
  • Electric cars are better than others;
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies and their financial potential.

Argumentative Essay Sample Topics for 6th Graders

  • Standardized tests reflect student skills;
  • Parents and their pressure on children;
  • Speaking a foreign language is important;
  • Schoolers should be allowed to choose their own classes;
  • Athletes are overpaid for their talents.

How to Write Your Argumentative Essay Sample

Once you decide on a good topic, create an argumentative essay outline. In most cases, it followed a standard 5-paragraph structure and consists of:

  • Introduction;
  • A few body paragraphs;
  • Conclusion.

Every section has a unique format. Learn it to have a smooth and simple writing process.

How to Start an Argumentative Essay Sample

All academic papers should capture readers’ interest at once, and an argumentative essay is no different. Start it with a short sentence or a hook. Use rhetorical questions, interesting, ideas, funny quotes, or other tools.

Next, you need to present the context necessary to narrow your focus without revealing too much. The last sentence in your introductory paragraph is a thesis that presents a central point of your argumentative writing. The rest of your essay will defend it.

The main body

To draft strong body paragraphs and defend your central idea, include the following elements:

  1. A topic sentence to introduce the main idea of a specific paragraph.
  2. Make a valid claim to explain how it strengthens and validates the main argument.
  3. Defend your claim with supporting evidence, such as references, stats, etc.
  4. Make a concluding statement to sum up the importance of your claim.

This basic format is appropriate for all body paragraphs.


In a concluding part of your argumentative writing sample, you need to:

  • Restate a thesis by using assertive words;
  • Offer a brief summary of supporting points to provide a major argument with a closure;
  • Make a strong concluding statement to leave a lasting impression on readers (include a call to action, recommendations, or other memorable options).

Sample of How to Write an Argumentative Essay

To draft a winning argumentative essay and get high marks for it, follow this helpful sample:

  1. Brainstorm to figure out what you will write your paper about.
  2. Choose an interesting issue with counter-arguments to get more motivation and inspiration for your work.
  3. Conduct in-depth research to find reliable sources on both sides, including historical documents, articles, and other helpful materials.
  4. Create an outline to organize all information logically.
  5. Write its rough draft and follow an outline.
  6. Cite your sources of information to avoid the harsh consequences of plagiarism.
  7. Never include your personal opinion in this type of essay. Focus on strong evidence and key facts.
  8. Take a break after finishing the first essay draft. Return with a fresh perspective to notice flaws in its logic, language, style, or grammar. Ament your paper before submitting its final draft.

These simple tips will help you improve argumentative writing. Don’t forget to structure your essay correctly to avoid losing important marks.

Argumentative Essay Sample: Where to Get Help

After reading this detailed guide, you’ll improve a chance to submit a perfect argumentative writing sample and impress instructors. What if you need more guidance? Contact online writers and seek expert assistance. Out competent professionals are there to help you 24/7.

Writing a School Uniform Argumentative Essay: Effective Tips and Tricks

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Academic papers present the author’s ideas in a well-structured format. When it comes to argumentative essays, they present strong evidence to support the main viewpoint and convince readers to accept it. They provoke people to think differently about a specific topic. Your argumentative essay should give an overview of the chosen subject and important components to persuade others to accept your position. A standard argumentative essay structure contains:

  • The introduction presenting major arguments.
  • Body paragraphs giving evidence and reasoning for your claim.
  • The conclusion providing readers with a resolution.

School uniform argumentative essay: Topic actuality

When writing a school uniform argumentative essay, it’s necessary to make a strong argument that can persuade others to support your stance. Teachers usually clarify basic rules and assign topics. Arrange your claims in the right order and conduct research on a given matter. Find enough information to present strong evidence and back up your claim.

Use correct language to persuade the audience while presenting your topic. It should be arguable from both sides and address real issues, such as a school uniform and social inequality. Present counter-arguments and relevant ideas before refuting them. Prove your point by using facts to support your claims.

School uniform argumentative essay example: How to start

To start your school uniform argumentative essay, present a particular topic. Discuss what the key concern is and who is concerned. Give readers a background of your main argument. Create an outline after conducting research. Use this plan to formulate a strong thesis.

Write an introductory paragraph only when you understand what to do with your academic paper in general. You need a thesis to write the introduction. Sum up key points that you want to make in it. Follow these simple tips:

  • Use a hook to make people keep reading your essay;
  • Write it coherently and clearly;
  • Include a thesis;
  • Avoid making original arguments;
  • Offer background information.

To write a strong thesis, take all arguments and boil them down to a single one. It has to encapsulate all ideas in one sentence.

School uniform argumentative essay body paragraphs

The main body of a school uniform argumentative essay usually consists of three paragraphs:

  1. The first one presents your claim and evidence supporting your opinion.
  2. The second paragraph presents more evidence and detailed explanations.
  3. The third one presents opposing arguments and their refutation. Develop your logic explanations when refuting counter-arguments.

To write impressive body paragraphs, follow these helpful guidelines:

  • Make sure every paragraph references a thesis.
  • Discuss every argument in a separate paragraph.
  • Keep on-topic.
  • Write the concluding and topic sentences in each paragraph.
  • Conduct research to keep the main body full of data.

School uniform argumentative essay conclusion

To conclude your school uniform argumentative essay, you need to state the key points and present the importance of your topic. Your basic goal is to convince readers by sharing the main consequences of supporting your position. The conclusion should convince people using catchy statements and sound language when closing a major argument. You can do that by reviewing key points and developing better logic. Use these tries and tests tricks:

  • Restate a thesis.
  • Avoid making any original arguments.
  • Bring everything together.
  • Use your last chance to convince the audience.
  • If the introduction contains background information, include it in the conclusion to help readers understand your paper.

How to revise a school uniform argumentative essay

After creating a rough draft, it’s necessary to take a break before you start editing it. Take this step to submit an error-free final copy. Reread your essay and check it for possible mistakes, including incomplete sentences, wrong phrases, grammar, etc. Make the corrections necessary to get high scores. A perfect school uniform argumentative essay is well-structured and has logic explanations and flowing sentences.

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Writing a Gun Control Argumentative Essay: Useful Suggestions and Ideas

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Many students consider it difficult to write a gun control argumentative essay. However, this academic task is easier than you think. It’s necessary to state your opinion and give valid reasons to support it. Learn different perspectives on this matter and articulate them with your own ideas. The gun control debate is in the news, so it’s easy to find sufficient data for your research.

Gun control definition: Important issues

You may have a personal opinion about the matter. That’s why putting your thoughts on paper won’t be that hard. You only need to express your ideas and address these basic points:

  • How significant is gun control for people?
  • What caused this issue?
  • What do you suppose the society should do about it?

Different gun control arguments and claims

Familiarize yourself with different types of claims before you start writing:

  1. Fact. Is your claim true or not?
  2. Value. How significant is it?
  3. Definition. What does your claim mean?
  4. Policy. What do you suggest people should do about the issue?
  5. Cause and effect. What are its causes and effects?

Besides, there are different argument strategies that you can use for your gun control essay. The following approaches will help you succeed:

  • Toulmin: use qualifiers and logic instead of appealing to commonalities (it works well in hot debates);
  • Classical: make people care about the matter and accept your stand (it’s the best choice if you feel strongly about persuading readers to agree with you);
  • Rogerian: identify the points of agreement and compromise (it’s a good choice when persuading readers into agreeing with your stance).

After choosing the best approach to tackle the main question, start the writing process.

Writing a strong gun control argumentative essay thesis

Change a topic idea into a certain question that should be answered to transform it into a strong thesis. Feel free to use this question as your essay title or the last line of the introduction. Your answer to it is a thesis statement.

How to write an argumentative essay on gun control

The best thing about argumentative papers on gun control is that their organization and structure are quite straightforward. Your essay should serve these purposes:

  • Explain the controversy clearly.
  • Interest people and make them want to read more.
  • Expound on your ideas and logic.
  • Explain opposing views and arguments.
  • Refuting possible objections.
  • Convincing the audience that your perspective is correct.
  • Urge them to accept your position.

Gun control argumentative essay: Introduction

Give a clear explanation of your chosen subject, make a powerful thesis, and provide background information about the surrounding controversy. Use the title to present your position. Feel free to structure it as a question. A thesis should be clear and answer it.

Essay on gun control pros and cons: Body paragraphs

Explain your viewpoints and reasoning and support them with strong evidence. Use stats about legislation and guns to increase the credibility of your paper. You should anticipate potential objections and address them with the reasoning supported by figures and facts. Review what others think about the same matter and whether you disagree with them. Make sure each paragraph has a separate idea. It also needs to link to the next section with transitions to make your paper easy and interesting to read.


This paragraph should inform the audience what to believe regarding the issue. It summarizes why readers should accept your stance. Give a concise summary without adding anything new.

Gun control argumentative essay: Final thoughts

Taking the above-stated steps will guide you to a well-structured and research paper on gun control. Proofread it to fix avoidable mistakes in spelling, sentence structures, etc. If this task is still confusing to you, entrust your argumentative essay to online professionals. Seek our expert assistance and a reputable team will do a great job for you. Think about raising your potential grades with their help!

How to Write the Best GRE Argument Essay Sample: Helpful Ideas and Tips

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GRE argument essay writing asks students to apply a specific approach. Read the argument of someone else and comment on its flaws in assumptions, evidence, and conclusion to succeed. Don’t take any position on a given subject. Teachers expect you to analyze the logic of this argument. You can have only one opinion: there are flaws in it and conclusions are weak based on reasoning and evidence. Don’t try to fix the argument or make new conclusions. It’s necessary to critique the argument of other people to write a winning paper.

What Is the GRE Argument Essay?

The key goal of the Graduate Record Examination is to determine if you’re ready for graduate school. It evaluates whether you know mathematics, can read scientific literature, communicate ideas competently and coherently, and think analytically. It involves argument essay writing. To complete this task effectively, remember that the key secret of success is the ability to write a paper that matches prompts, not the ability to write correctly.

GRE Argument Essay Samples: How They Can Help

If you feel confused, find useful guidelines that will navigate you through this complex process. Look for professional and winning GRE argument essay samples online, and use them to practice and train your skills.

GRE Argument Essay Template: Structure All Parts

This academic paper contains the argument that may not be complete, followed by strict instructions on what you must highlight when writing your response. Take them into consideration in every section. Make sure your GRE argument essay contains 5 paragraphs that serve the following purposes:

  • Critique the argument of other authors;
  • Reiterate that it’s unconvincing and weak;
  • Describe how it can be improved.

How to structure your paper correctly? Address these basic writing stages:

  1. Prewriting and the introduction.
  2. Body paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion.

Prewriting Phase and Introduction Writing

Take some time to identify such important elements as underlying assumptions, evidence, and conclusions. Write a few sentences in the introduction to show readers that you understand the argument. This section should do the following:

  • Restate the author’s opinion and identify the argument;
  • Sum up proposals and facts that lead to it and identify them as supporting evidence;
  • State flaws in the argument in your thesis.

Drafting Body Paragraphs

To structure the main body of your GRE argument essay, each paragraph must:

  • Introduce the examples of weak assumptions, evidence, and other flaws;
  • Contains 4-6 sentences;
  • Provide alternative evidence or other possibilities that the author failed to discuss.

Spend your essay space on showing how facts support your thesis statement. Most arguments have weak or unsupported assumptions. You don’t have to disprove the author’s conclusion or opinion. Your basic goal is to prove that it’s not strong.

Writing a Conclusion

The conclusion of your GRE argument essay should consist of a few clear and concise sentences. Make it obvious to the audience that you fully understand the argument and analyze it (don’t try to fix it). To write a strong concluding section, restate your thesis, remind everyone that the argument has too many flaws in logic. Feel free to provide useful recommendations for possible changes that can improve it. Don’t forget to mention certain information that will be helpful in achieving this goal. Indicate that the author should do more work.

GRE Argument Essay Instructions for High Grades

Follow these helpful instructions to end up with an impressive GRE argument essay:

  1. Search for misleading stats or surveys, weak evidence, false generalizations. Highlight faulty conclusions and statements in the argument. Determine how the data provided by the author isn’t sound.
  2. Avoid using first-person assumptions. Use the third person in this assignment.
  3. Discuss a few specific assumptions made by the author. There can be many assumptions in arguments. However, you need to fully evaluate at least a few of them instead of creating a list of all the possible flaws you discover in the argument.
  4. Make your statements declarative and strong. Use only words with conviction. Focus on conveying your confidence about flaws in a particular argument.

GRE Argument Essay Pool of Ideas

After reading the above-stated ideas, you get a clear understanding of how to write the GRE argument essay to earn high scores for it. If you need more ideas to practice and improve your writing skills, turn to qualified professionals. Contact our experienced and reputable online writers and get their expert assistance to increase your chances to succeed and prepare for the future examination.

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School: Perfect Examples

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Student life usually involves a lot of academic writing. High-school students must submit multiple assignments regularly, including argumentative essays. If this task seems complex to you or if you lack the skills necessary to complete it successfully, look at winning argumentative essay examples for high school.

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

Everything starts with choosing a great topic for your argumentative paper. You have many sources to prove your knowledge of a specific matter, including:

  • Books and textbooks;
  • Newspapers and official journals;
  • Scientific magazines and documentaries.

Cite reliable sources in your essay to add more credibility to it. Quotes are necessary to support your position. Look for a debatable and interesting topic in all available sources.

The Best Argumentative Essay Examples for High School

If you can’t find good topics for your piece of writing, use the following ideas for your inspiration:

  • Students shouldn’t have any Internet access during classes;
  • Physical education in high schools;
  • People are becoming more overweight today;
  • Fitness, nutrition, and weight are connected;
  • Teenagers fail to maintain their healthy weight;
  • Students should have the right to choose only the classes they’re interested in;
  • Diets have many negative effects on people’s health;
  • Education is commercialized nowadays;
  • Modern society needs to stop anorexia;
  • The modern grading system is inefficient;
  • Steroid users should be banned from sports;
  • Education must be free for all students;
  • People should have a good sleep to solve health issues;
  • Swimming is the best sport;
  • Tobacco production and sales should be illegal;
  • Control over alcohol usage is a must;
  • Energetic drinks should be restricted;
  • Court proceedings must be documented on TV;
  • The best age to have the right to vote;
  • Globalization is harmful to society;
  • Electric vehicles are an effective solution to global pollution.

Argumentative Essay Rubric: High School Ideas

If you want to earn good scores for your piece of writing, use these valuable ideas:

  • Find a current topic and focus on rumors;
  • Choose a question with an unknown answer to most people;
  • Consider readers who don’t agree with your position;
  • Pick the issue on which all people have their own viewpoints;
  • Select a subject based on personal interests.

To strengthen your argumentative essay, choose an interesting issue by following these effective guidelines:

  1. Stay away from obvious ideas because they don’t create arguments.
  2. Focus on the critical issue resulting in global conflicts.
  3. Avoid the topics that readers tend to agree on.
  4. Don’t write your paper about sensitive topics connected with race, religion, etc.
  5. Remember that every argument has two sides. Although you’re sure in your stance, some people will support it, while others don’t. Take opposing views into account.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay: High School Edition

The process is quite simple if you know how to complete it. The key secret is to find exciting argumentative essay examples for high school. They’ll help you impress both teachers and readers. Just like other academic assignments, drafting a good argumentative essay requires taking specific steps, such as:

  • Conducting in-depth research;
  • Gathering relevant data from reliable sources;
  • Creating a helpful outline;
  • Writing a rough draft;
  • Editing and revising it;
  • Writing a final draft.

How Long Should an Argumentative Essay Be for High School?

When it comes to the structure and organization of your argumentative essay, it should follow a standard 5-paragraph format. Stick to the required word count and let your ideas flow logically. This paper consists of an introductory part, a few body paragraphs, and a concluding section.

How to Do a Conclusion for Argumentative Essay in High School

A conclusion is a significant part of your argumentative paper because it can either break or make a positive impression on readers. Avoid typical errors and make it strong. Restate your claim and sum up major arguments. Feel free to include a call to action or valuable recommendations.

If you learn the above-mentioned guide, the entire process will become easier the next time you write an argumentative essay. High grades are a prize and competition is tough. If you need instant assistance with this academic assignment, use our online writing services. Competent professionals will provide you with brilliant argumentative essay examples if you have no time or skills to do your homework.

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