These days, the internet is one of the most popular places where young people spend time. With the help of the internet, now you can have access to information and can be find anything in just a few seconds. You can use the world wide web not only to chat with friends and share your personal life but also to discover new things, write great essays, and become more skilled. 

One of the most popular platforms where you can find a lot of materials is YouTube. Now, there are many channels helping anyone learn new things and become more educated. Here, you can find the top 10 educational channels you should definitely check out to write better argumentative essays

Top 10 channels on YouTube to help you study 

YouTube is an amazing website where you can find many interesting videos to make you smarter. Here is a list of the best channels that are good for self-education:

  1. Crash Course. You have probably already heard about the author of the channel – John Green. He is a famous writer who created many famous books for teenagers all over the world. Crash Course is a channel where you can find a variety of videos on different topics. 
  2. Vsauce. Michael Stevens is a person behind the channel, and for sure he can be called an incredible YouTuber. He explains the science behind many usual things to us and uses humor to make it more understandable. 
  3. ASAP Science. The authors of this channel create short and animated videos where they explain how things happen and why. You don’t need to have any scientific background in order to enjoy these videos. 
  4. MinutePhysics. If you think that in order to understand physics, you will have to spend a lot of your time studying, then you are completely wrong. This channel offers short videos that break down even the hardest concepts of physics in a simplistic way. 
  5. KurzGesagt. The name of the channel is translated as “In a nutshell”. Here, you can a lot of videos on many topics that are easily explained with the help of simple words. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand some complicated concepts that are discussed on this channel. 
  6. Veritasium. This channel is often compared to Vsauce. An author of the channel encourages people to learn more about the world around us and discover the meaning of things, even those that seem simple and usual to us. He offers fun to learn physics and other sciences lessons.
  7. TEDed. As everyone already knows, TED is a conference which is held in many places over the world where people present their ideas and discoveries. TEDed is another similar platform that shares amazing short videos that can teach you something new and change your worldview. 
  8. SciShow. If you are interested in the latest news in science and new discoveries, it is the best channel for you. These guys share different ideas, news, and concepts, and explain different fields of science to help everyone understand how our world works.
  9. Computerphile. Are you interested in computers and IT? Well, then this channel is the best pick. This guy explains how does a computer and code work with the help of a very simple language. No matter if you are a professional programmer or just starting your path, it is channel is going to be very interesting for you. 
  10. Mental Floss. This channel is an amazing combination of interesting facts and useful lifehacks. With these guys, you can learn a lot about many interesting things that are relevant and fun.

Tips how to study with the help of educational channels and websites 

Here are some tips to teach you how to study better if you decide to use the internet for the same purpose. Try these recommendations to succeed in your studies: 

  • Plan your time. Don’t study chaotically. Instead, choose the best time and day for you so you could study effectively and not be distracted by anything. 
  • Close social media. Social media is often the reason why students forget about studying and spend time surfing the web instead. Focus on studying and put away your phone. 
  • Research the topic. If you are interested in the subject of a video, write it down and research it after you finish watching the video. Do the same thing if you find something interesting in an article. 
  • Check online libraries. Even though YouTube channels are a great method to help you study, still they are not the perfect solution. It is best to combine different ways of studying so you would be able to achieve the best result. Try checking online libraries to find some interesting literature on a topic that interests you the most. 
  • Stick to the schedule. It is best to study often and create a schedule that is going to help you do it regularly. You should update your agenda all the time and put new tasks on it so you would manage to do everything before the deadlines and cover new topics frequently. 

There are many educational resources you can use for your studies. It is easy to become a good student and learn a lot of things if you try hard enough. So don’t waste your time, and dedicate at least an hour on a daily basis to studying. You will see how fast the grades will change.