20 Jul, 2017

Features of research argument essay

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Ways of writing research paper and its peculiarities

The argumentative research essay is written genre that occupies a strong place in the system of teaching students both for general and professional purposes. This can be confirmed by fact of including it into exam programs. This universal model form corresponds to tasks of teaching coherent expression of one’s own thoughts and judgments in the discipline being studied, being thematically and functionally free, in contrast to other writing genres.

Strict requirements of the argumentative research paper are not accidental. Argumentation should be based on logic, and text’s construction should reflect this logic and hierarchy of logical relationships, demonstrating how one idea flows from another.  The compositional principle of “introduction – the main part – conclusion” is applicable during writing argumentative essay. But requirements for each of its elements are more detailed. The introduction should sufficiently briefly and unambiguously represent argumentative essay topics and problems under discussion, providing smooth transition to the main part. In this place, its structure is formulated by the coherent sentence. The main content of research paper can be divided into two or three parts.

The two-part structure is typical for argumentative essays, which uncover an ambiguous question from two different sides. It is classic model of “benefits and shortcomings”, “pros and cons”. Each of parts analyzes arguments supporting the relevant position. Final part implies a conclusion, provide generalization of arguments, nuances of personal position (this can be a “reconciling” viewpoint). If there are many nuances or they require lengthy arguments, their analysis can be the third full-fledged part the argumentative essay outline. The conclusion is a generalization.

An argumentative paper in defense of a certain thesis statement can be two-part and based on arguments in support of opposite position in the first part and its critical analysis, justified refutation in the second. The conclusion reinforces results of reasoned refutation. Herewith you should not deliberately weaken arguments in support of the contested argumentative thesis in the first paragraph. One of the most important parameters for evaluating research papers is their objectivity and impartial reflection of opposing opinions, theses, and arguments that justify them.

The text can be composed on three-part model. This persuasive essay is based not on contesting opposite positions, but on extensive and detailed argument in defense of one’s own. Choosing this structure, it is necessary to distinguish three main ideas that an author wants to emphasize. Highlight three main arguments or consider the problem by three aspects. Remaining thoughts and arguments can serve to defend corresponding theses around which they are grouped according to paragraphs. The essay, built on two main arguments, is considered weak and unconvincing. More than three basic thoughts indicate a lack of logical organization of text, absence of arguments hierarchy. This work looks chaotic.

Despite the fact that assignments to write argumentative essay have educational goals, understanding their structure means understanding basic principles underlying construction of any analytical paper. It is kind of “umbrella” genre. It encompasses other authentic genres related to various human activity spheres. On this basis, it is possible to create argumentative texts of different finds from analytical notes, newspaper columns to scientific works. This circumstance increases importance of mastering research essays, which includes preparation of researchers at preliminary stage of teaching academic writing.

Let’s have a look at the example of research paper.

Prospects and possibilities of practical stem cell use.

Stem cell research causes heated debate of specialists and strong public interest. Using stem cells is a new medical direction. It can turn traditional beliefs about possibilities of treating many diseases: from heart attack, stroke to liver cirrhosis and blood cancer.

Physicians believe new stem cell research will help cure diseases, overcome ways of which do not exist yet: various lesions of the nervous system (Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s).  Some studies have shown that it slows down aging.

Scientists consider that use of umbilical cord blood, involved embryonic stem cells, is promising. The world has tested their use in treating 53 diseases, results are encouraging. This method can be applied to cure childhood leukemia.

Methods that use embryonic stem cell can be applied to update cellular composition of damaged organs without surgery, to solve complicated tasks that were previously possible by organ transplantation. For patients, this is a chance to get new life. This technology is available for every patient and gives good results, expanding possibilities of transplantation.

Using of ESC within cellular therapy is hampered by several problems. There are technical difficulties to obtain human embryonic stem cell lines; lack of information on induction of their differentiation in vitro; presence of bioethical issues that arise after using ESC derived from embryonic tissue. Some countries have prohibitive restrictions imposed on use of human embryos tissue in research work. All this can be argument against stem cell use. The solution is simple. Growing stromal stem cells and getting a considerable number of them, scientists can specify direction of their differentiation. These cells are able to differentiate into cells of cartilaginous, bone, muscle, fatty tissue, liver tissue and skin. It means that non embryonic stem cells can be used.

Stem cells are fraught with unprecedented opportunities: from regeneration of damaged organs and tissues to treatment of diseases that are not amenable to drug therapy. In addition to restoring lost functions of organs and tissues, they can inhibit uncontrolled pathological processes: inflammation, allergies, cancer processes, aging. Cellular technology is the basis of gene therapy. It is connected with hopes of developing individual treatment regimens for patients with serious diseases. Cellular technologies and gene therapy are universal approaches to treatment. Within next decade this direction of medical science can become therapy’s basis of common diseases of cardiovascular and central nervous systems, the musculoskeletal system. The medicine of the 21st century will be based on fundamental achievements of cell biology.

You can use our recommendations and example as a guide. The essay that we provided has all necessary components: introduction, arguments, objections, possible compromise and conclusion. Rely on this structure during writing your research work.

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