24 Jul, 2017

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School: Perfect Examples

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Student life usually involves a lot of academic writing. High-school students must submit multiple assignments regularly, including argumentative essays. If this task seems complex to you or if you lack the skills necessary to complete it successfully, look at winning argumentative essay examples for high school.

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

Everything starts with choosing a great topic for your argumentative paper. You have many sources to prove your knowledge of a specific matter, including:

  • Books and textbooks;
  • Newspapers and official journals;
  • Scientific magazines and documentaries.

Cite reliable sources in your essay to add more credibility to it. Quotes are necessary to support your position. Look for a debatable and interesting topic in all available sources.

The Best Argumentative Essay Examples for High School

If you can’t find good topics for your piece of writing, use the following ideas for your inspiration:

  • Students shouldn’t have any Internet access during classes;
  • Physical education in high schools;
  • People are becoming more overweight today;
  • Fitness, nutrition, and weight are connected;
  • Teenagers fail to maintain their healthy weight;
  • Students should have the right to choose only the classes they’re interested in;
  • Diets have many negative effects on people’s health;
  • Education is commercialized nowadays;
  • Modern society needs to stop anorexia;
  • The modern grading system is inefficient;
  • Steroid users should be banned from sports;
  • Education must be free for all students;
  • People should have a good sleep to solve health issues;
  • Swimming is the best sport;
  • Tobacco production and sales should be illegal;
  • Control over alcohol usage is a must;
  • Energetic drinks should be restricted;
  • Court proceedings must be documented on TV;
  • The best age to have the right to vote;
  • Globalization is harmful to society;
  • Electric vehicles are an effective solution to global pollution.

Argumentative Essay Rubric: High School Ideas

If you want to earn good scores for your piece of writing, use these valuable ideas:

  • Find a current topic and focus on rumors;
  • Choose a question with an unknown answer to most people;
  • Consider readers who don’t agree with your position;
  • Pick the issue on which all people have their own viewpoints;
  • Select a subject based on personal interests.

To strengthen your argumentative essay, choose an interesting issue by following these effective guidelines:

  1. Stay away from obvious ideas because they don’t create arguments.
  2. Focus on the critical issue resulting in global conflicts.
  3. Avoid the topics that readers tend to agree on.
  4. Don’t write your paper about sensitive topics connected with race, religion, etc.
  5. Remember that every argument has two sides. Although you’re sure in your stance, some people will support it, while others don’t. Take opposing views into account.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay: High School Edition

The process is quite simple if you know how to complete it. The key secret is to find exciting argumentative essay examples for high school. They’ll help you impress both teachers and readers. Just like other academic assignments, drafting a good argumentative essay requires taking specific steps, such as:

  • Conducting in-depth research;
  • Gathering relevant data from reliable sources;
  • Creating a helpful outline;
  • Writing a rough draft;
  • Editing and revising it;
  • Writing a final draft.

How Long Should an Argumentative Essay Be for High School?

When it comes to the structure and organization of your argumentative essay, it should follow a standard 5-paragraph format. Stick to the required word count and let your ideas flow logically. This paper consists of an introductory part, a few body paragraphs, and a concluding section.

How to Do a Conclusion for Argumentative Essay in High School

A conclusion is a significant part of your argumentative paper because it can either break or make a positive impression on readers. Avoid typical errors and make it strong. Restate your claim and sum up major arguments. Feel free to include a call to action or valuable recommendations.

If you learn the above-mentioned guide, the entire process will become easier the next time you write an argumentative essay. High grades are a prize and competition is tough. If you need instant assistance with this academic assignment, use our online writing services. Competent professionals will provide you with brilliant argumentative essay examples if you have no time or skills to do your homework.

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