24 Jul, 2017

Argumentative essay topics for high school

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Argumentative essay topics for high school implies discussion on debatable ground. The author evaluates statements, proofs and support, hidden arguments, assumptions, internal contradictions and comes to idea that one point of view becomes more preferable than others, while the rest of people may disagree with it. Writing argumentative essay can turn to be complicated task. Argumentative essay topics for high school students, even those, who recently learnt correct structure and understood the meaning of persuasive essay concept, can meet another problem. What topic to choose for essay?

Students allowed to feel free in any discussion and consider all existing fields from personal to political. It helps broadening horizons. However, the more freedom students get, the less students need and choice becomes unbearable, even with proper skills. Great argumentative essay can be called “persuasive” not coincidentally, it demands certainty, strong evidence support and analytical abilities. Learners develop self-talk: argumentative writing resembles this process. If student has no experience of self-talk, specialists advise imitate oral speech, this psychological trick can break the fears’ wall between his/her mind and emotions. Touch of emotions is allowed to be present in argumentative essay.

Pupils required take to consideration several rules concerning argumentative essays’ structure. Text should be of five paragraphs, that are logically and semantically connected to show student’s skills acquired at high school. The aim of this essay type is simple and complicated in time. It is difficult persuade readers in idea that one opinion is more preferable than the others and prove it clearly and consciously – high school learnee should have more knowledge than middle school students have. They should know that essay has three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. These three parts should be constructed with five paragraphs. Students use this information to arrange their thoughts better. Teachers provide learners with more detailed essay organization to ease the writing process – in the introduction should be following elements:

Main part raises more flags than previous one. It should contain:

  • Evidence based arguments from the author side to support his/her opinion;
  • Determination of concepts used in essay;
  • Facts and examples showing the student’s experience and analytical skills, both from the side of opinion he/she supports and dismissed one.

The last from five paragraph essay describes these elements:

  • Repetition of thesis statement;
  • Few words to sum up the mentioned arguments;
  • Statement supporting positive moments of the author’s opinion.

Teaching students the intricacies of proper persuasive writing is laborious work. Explaining possible questions to raise is much sadder activity. Teachers claim that students are unable even to ask some questions, not even talking about raising whole essay on topic. It indicates low outer activity of latter group. Students perform better having hobbies or raised physical activity, it opens more spheres for them and they will be bolder to argue, having some knowledge on topic. It is impossible to reason point of view without any correct background information. Thing we can surely advise is taking the most controversial fields to dispute.

Here some persuasive essay topics we can share with readers to get inspiration:

  • Is it correct to legalize euthanasia?
  • Should punishment for crimes be stricter?
  • Do you agree with the fact that AI (artificial intellect) can excel human in near future and whether it should be so smart?
  • Abortion – yes or no.
  • Is it possible to say that world would be more peaceful without religion?
  • Is there the need in designing of unified worldwide education system and is it possible to adopt it?
  • Animals in captivity: what can be done and whether it is necessary?
  • Should students read more, hear more or see more?

Students can get more topics surfing Internet, though it is preferable trying to see with their own eyes and minds.

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