An argument paper is one of the types of research work, allowing you to consider specific problem from different viewpoints. Argumentative research essay’s purpose is to develop skills and techniques of clear and well-founded presentation of one’s own position. To write your academic paper properly, you need to develop an argumentative essay outline.

Let’s consider an argumentative essay outline. There is no rigid formula for writing research paper of this kind, but there is some structure the argumentative essays should have, purposes of which are to direct one’s thoughts in right direction. Writing argumentative essay, foremost you should draw attention to a topic, which you are going to develop: this topic will be your work’s title.  Let’s outline the structure your paper should imply in details.

An essay introduction states essence and purpose of choosing a topic substantiates it correctly. In this paper the introduction formulates the question, to which you will answer during disclosing essay topic.

Topic development is implied in the main part. It is reasoned disclosure of the topic based on collected material (ideas, reasoned argument facts, models, data).

Conclusion summarizes material and reasoned topic consectary. End the essay with indicating possible solutions to problem under study.

Typically high and middle school essay is written in Mla format or Apa style. Carefully study requirements of an argumentative essay format.

A necessary condition of argumentative writing is competent arrangement of accents. A well-tested and accomplished way of constructing any argumentative research work is using of sub-headings to indicate key points of well-reasoned presentation: it helps to look at what an author intends to do (make sure whether your idea is good). This approach will help to follow specific goal in this study. Subheadings are needed to indicate main sections that need to be highlighted; they help author show logic of material presented.

Let’s dwell in more detail on structural parts of the essay and outline of it.

An introduction

It contains brief explanation of topic relevance chosen for analysis. At the beginning the paper writer proposes objectives of his work; provide brief explanation of key-notes and term used. Their number should be limited. They should not exceed four or five, depending on work’s length.

Content of the main part

This work part assumes development of author’s argumentation and analysis of problem under study; justification of conclusions on the basis of available data, provisions of theory and factual material that support your thesis. This is the most difficult part of work. For its implementation, you can use text breakdown with subtitles into separate semantic subjects. Provide logically grounded argumentation and analysis. Use factual data or rigorous reasoning. Filling with content plot sections (under appropriate subheadings), it is essential to limit within one paragraph to consider one main idea.

The paper, which has goal to provide author’s opinion, cannot have “right” or “wrong” answers to questions, as in physics or mathematics. We can speak about more or less reasoned viewpoints. It should be remembered that students receive grades not for agreeing with lecturer’s opinion, authors of textbooks or scientific publications – they are expected to think independently, i.e. presentation of what writers themselves think about problem under study.

The final essay part

It should contain a summary of research results in form of brief description of author’s main arguments. It should be short (0.5 – 1.0 page).  The conclusion can contain important, supplementary essay element: an indication of application (implication) of this study, without excluding relationship with other problems. It should be explained in several sentences why this would be useful, briefly illustrate how this can be done. It is useful to note possible directions for further development of essay topic.

The final step is connected with checking stylistics (checking spelling, punctuation, etc.) and consistency (content) of headings and subheadings, format, etc. It is necessary to mention those moments that should be avoided during writing essay:

  • Inability to adhere to answers to main questions, poor organization of answers.
  • Use of rhetoric (statement) instead of argumentation (evidence).
  • Negligent handling of data, including excessive generalization; extensive narrative, not supported by analytical material.
  • Statement of other viewpoints, without expressing one’s own position.
  • With right approach, this task is ease to be performed.

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