Writing prompts for argumentative essay on school uniform

The word “essay” came in English from French. Historically it has Latin origin, the word “exagium” (weighing), French language word “essai” can be literally translated by words “experience”, “test”, “try”, “sketch”. Today’s essay represents one of the most popular tasks for admission to an educational institution or even employment; the essay contest helps to choose from plenty of pretenders. It is important to write an argumentative essay on school uniforms for a young specialist, no matter what field or age.

Pupils learn argumentative writing from the first days of middle school. High school students can choose wider and bolder topics, however, it creates some problems: they can pick a topic concerning school, a system of education, teachers’ problems, etc. One such “dangerous” theme includes discussions about wearing a school uniform: expressing themselves through clothes is important, especially during adolescence period and helps students perform better with feeling free and comfort.

A lot of schools provide students with a special uniform. Uniforms can be with the signs of an institution, made with traditional national colors, etc. Learners are divided into two parts: admirers of such provision from the institution side, and haters of so-called limitations and equalization. Their opinions collide and create real debates. Why do not we use this issue as an argumentative essay topic? Day to day troubles is perfect to discuss because they are familiar to plenty of individuals, who can support or contest the writer’s opinion. Who knows, maybe you can change the situation and positively resolve the conflict?

It is difficult to answer a question about whether or not implement wearing uniforms. From the one side school uniforms may bring advantages:

  • Allowing students to get free or partially free clothes (students spend more money to “equipment” than to education itself);
  • Uniforms can also show the united spirit of the institution;
  • Preserving one social and financial level in public school and private ones.

You can add more issues to discuss – you need to pay attention to educational institution current situation: wearing uniforms prevents learners from forming their own original taste, brings some inconvenience to parents, allergic reaction to materials clothes are made of, dislike to design, oppress children with monotony, etc.

In some establishments, students allowed skipping wearing uniforms. It is the other side of the question we have raised: the majority of middle school students should not follow a special dress-code. Uniform foes did not fit any type of appearance. Somebody may look perfect, and the other – feel terrible improperness.

College administration should note that students learn new subjects, and try to understand their personalities and individual features too. Children can protest with their persuasive essays and demand uniforms take away. It will develop their writing skills but affect their neural system with rebellious thoughts. Students can wear any type of clothes that is proper. Another question is, what type of dress-code can be included in the concept “proper for school”?

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