24 Jul, 2017

Helpful Ideas for Argumentative Writing: How to Improve Your Skills

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If you assume that argumentative writing is simple, you’re wrong. Students need not only to express their point of view of a specific topic but also explain why they take a certain side. To do a good job, give strong arguments on all points and draw logical conclusions. Use helpful argumentative writing ideas to succeed.

Ideas for Argumentative Essay Writing: What Is It?

When struggling with this academic assignment, learn what it means first. An argumentative essay is a paper where you need to:

  • State arguments and supporting ideas without emotions;
  • Present strong facts on a given issue without stating your personal opinion;
  • Highlight the counterarguments of each side.

Argumentative writing is all about taking a stand on debatable topics, conducting research, and revealing facts on both sides.

Useful Argumentative Essay Ideas for Students

To draft a good argumentative essay, start with picking a controversial, narrow, and interesting topic. You can find many original argumentative essay ideas. Make sure there’s no clear solution to the problem you choose. Your topic should present two sides. Ensure that you can find enough information on it. After making a final choice, analyze each side and create a list of its pros and cons.

Examples of Controversial Topics by Subject

  1. History. The US and its diplomatic relations with China.
  2. Health. Art helps people relieve their everyday stress.
  3. Social issues. The death penalty and human rights.
  4. Literature. Popular books paint a picture of modern society.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas for Your Inspiration

If you’re looking for unique and rare argumentative essay topic ideas, use these for your inspiration:

  • The average election campaign costs a lot of money: the nation should get money out of modern politics;
  • Human effects on animal species on the planet: severe restrictions are a must;
  • Drug companies suppress significant data about natural substances curing or preventing diseases;
  • Current educational requirements in high schools and colleges are outdated.

What to Do Next: Perfect Argumentative Writing Ideas

After choosing an impressive topic, gather relevant data about it. Don’t forget to refer to reliable sources in your argumentative essay, including books, articles, journals, etc. After your thorough research, start writing a rough draft. Your basic goal is to summarize all arguments and state both positions. Follow this simple outline:

  • The introduction provides background information on the chosen issue and presents a strong thesis to describe how you will analyze it;
  • Body paragraphs highlight strong facts on both sides and compelling arguments;
  • The conclusion sums up major points and restates a thesis.

Helpful Argumentative Essay Ideas College Students Choose

These argumentative writing ideas will make your job easier:

  1. Pick the topic you’re passionate about to make this academic task more enjoyable.
  2. Forget about emotions when completing it because you aren’t writing a descriptive paper or a biography.
  3. Respect both sides and let readers draw their own conclusions in the end.
  4. Present counter-arguments without making up evidence. If you find it hard to stop strong supporting facts, reconsider your topic.
  5. Let evidence tell the story, not opinion statements.
  6. Cite reliable sources to let the audience know you used credible data.
  7. Ask a friend to proofread your argumentative essay and evaluate whether it’s strong enough.

A Few More Ideas for Your Argumentative Writing Efforts

Don’t let this academic assignment intimidate or confuse you. Follow the above-stated guidelines to get good grades. If you can’t decide if to start writing an argumentative paper or get professional help, give answers to the following questions:

  • Do you understand how to catch readers’ attention?
  • Are you familiar with all the language rules?
  • Do you have enough experience in writing academic papers?
  • Do you realize how to avoid common mistakes in this type of writing?
  • Do you know how to structure it correctly?

If you answered “no” to one or more questions, turn to qualified professionals ready to help you. If you lack enough confidence or time for successful argumentative writing, entrust this task to real experts in this field. Contact our team of reputable online writers and get their expert assistance.

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