24 Jul, 2017

How to Present Good Counter Arguments in Your Essays

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When making a strong argument, students must take counter arguments into account. If you consider the opposition, you prove readers your knowledge of a given topic. Don’t ignore opposing viewpoints. Address argumentative essay counter arguments to improve and clarify your position. Incorporate them into your piece of writing by taking a few simple steps:

  • Identifying;
  • Researching;
  • Addressing;
  • Refining.

What Are Argumentative Essay Counter Arguments?

There are certain opposing views of any issues. These are counter arguments. You need to refute them to submit a winning argumentative paper and earn higher scores.

Why Include Persuasive Essay Counter Arguments

Draft a separate paragraph where you discuss counter arguments to prove the audience that you understand and acknowledge the opposition. It shows that you consider opposing views and can respond to each one. Take this step to add more credibility to your stance.

How to Introduce Counter Arguments in Your Essay

To introduce argumentative essay counter arguments, remember that you need to do something more than just identifying the opposition. It’s necessary to respond to opposing ideas and do the following:

  • Identify opposing claims;
  • Respond to them by showing readers that they’re weak or lack logic;
  • Give examples to prove that;
  • State your position and show why it’s stronger than the counter arguments you introduce.

How to Embed Counter Arguments in an Essay

If you wonder where to put counter arguments, they can be anywhere in your argumentative essay. In most cases, students embed them:

  • In the introduction before a thesis;
  • As a separate section after the introduction;
  • A paragraph before the conclusion;
  • As a quick move in the section.

Don’t overuse counter arguments. Although they can strengthen your paper, too many of them will achieve a reverse effect.

How to Write Counter Arguments in an Argumentative Essay

To end up with an impressive argumentative essay, write counter arguments correctly. How to do that?

Identify counter arguments.

To identify potential counterarguments, conduct research or determine what may opponents disagree in response to your main argument.

Investigate them.

Analyze possible counter arguments to find out if these are valid. You may need to evaluate them either with the research you have or by determining logical flaws. Sometimes, students must conduct extra research to achieve this goal.

Address counter arguments.

Don’t try to address all the counter arguments in your essay. It’s enough to address a few of them in your rebuttal. After researching all of them, think about your strong response. Instructors expect you not only to state opposing views but also to refute them to add more credibility to your opinion. When incorporating counter arguments into your piece of writing, you should do that with enough objectively. Otherwise, you’ll fail to maintain a formal essay tone.

Argumentative Essay Counter Arguments: Important Considerations

First, think about the type of response and decide whether you’ll refute counter arguments through contradictory research. For example, you may concede that opposing points are valid, but your idea is better.

It’s possible to put counter arguments at the beginning of your paper. They will serve as a great way to anticipate the opposition in this case. Feel free to put them in the end after your strong points. Some students also decide to weave counter arguments into the main body to quickly address the opposition. Everything depends on your point of view, the most effective placement, and how you choose to organize a major argument.

After addressing counter arguments, look at your paper as a whole. Make sure you don’t spend too much space on them instead of your points. If you do that, readers miss the opportunity to learn more about your opinion.

How to Refine Your Main Argument

Taking opposing views into account can help you improve your position and clarify relevant matters. Counter arguments help you refine your argument. If you end up agreeing with them, think about revising a thesis and major ideas to reflect that.

These basic guidelines teach you how to incorporate argumentative essay counter arguments. If you need extra guidance, turn to our reputable online writers. Their services are accessible 24/7. Take advantage of them if you seek expert assistance.

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