Argument Paper Topics: Choose the Right Subject for Your Essay

An argumentative paper is an interesting kind of writing where you discuss one idea or topic and provide your reader with some supportive points and evidence to prove that you are right. There is a variety of different argument paper topics that you can use for your own writing, and it can be hard to choose the right topic. If you are looking for the right topic, here in this article you can find the best lists of argument paper topics to write about.

Education argument paper topics

Education is one of the most discussed topics these days, and there many interesting ideas that might pop up while you are writing your paper on education. Here are some of the best topics about education:

  1. Is cheating bad? Should it be forbidden and if a student is caught cheating, should he or she get a bad grade without being able to change it?
  2. Should all students be drug tested while they are in high school?
  3. How can standardized tests measure skills and knowledge of students? Should students still take such exams?
  4. Should everyone go to college to get an education?
  5. Should college education be completely free for anyone?
  6. Is prom and other similar events are really important?
  7. Should yearbook be free for all students, as well as school’s gear?
  8. Do teachers need to try a new way of teaching sciences, especially math, physics, and other disciplines?
  9. How can schools prevent bullying? Should schools monitor students’ activity on the internet to prevent cyberbullying?
  10. Should the school day be longer or shorter? Which amount of time should be spent on classes?
  11. What are the most important subjects in high school, and should students have a chance to choose a smaller amount of disciplines?

Argument essay topics on social media and technology

Innovations have become a big part of our lives, and there are many things you can say about technology. Here are some topics to help you discover more ideas on that subject:

  1. Should Facebook be banned in high school, as well as other social media sites?
  2. Are apps for focusing really helpful or are they just a waste of your time?
  3. Can online writing services be trusted and should students order their papers from them?
  4. Are online reviews real and can you trust them?
  5. Should everyone control the number of messages that are sent hourly?
  6. Will robots ever become a huge part of our daily life and when something like that might happen?
  7. Are e-books more convenient in use than paper books? Will there be the time when there will be no paper books left?
  8. Can computer and online games be useful in a classroom? Should teachers digitalize the educational process?
  9. Can online education substitute a traditional way of studying?
  10. Should there be a legal punishment for cyberbullying? Should there be major changes to the law in order to prevent cyberbullying from happening?
  11. Should companies that gather information about their customers and online users be punished? How can that be implemented?

Amazing argumentative topics on health

Even though people get sick less these days, still there are many health issues and diseases people struggle with. Here are some of the questions that you can answer in your health that touch such topics as healthy lifestyle and  healthcare:

  1. Should healthcare be a basic human right and free for everyone?
  2. How can a person that lives in a big city stay fit and healthy?
  3. Are clinics charging too much from people and making them pay for more services and medications than they should?
  4. Why do so many people go to other countries in order to be cured of many diseases?
  5. Why does medicine cost so high? Should the price for it be lower?
  6. Should health insurance be cheaper and should there be more programs that offer free healthcare or very cheap health insurance?
  7. Should school and workdays start later so that people could have more sleep and have better health?
  8. What can schools do in order to make sure the students live a healthier lifestyle?
  9. How can social media influence your health?
  10. How to improve the way mental diseases are treated these days?
  11. What are the bad effects of diets and fasting? Should anyone care about their weight?

Write a paper about any topic

If the argumentative paper is assigned to you and you have no idea how to write it, don’t panic: it can be easily done if you just focus on the task. This is not going to be a very complicated assignment if you spend enough time writing and don’t rush to complete it right before the deadline.

To write a good paper, you should build a good structure that will make the paper more readable. Write the first of your essay, and later re-read and re-write it. Don’t forget to proofread your paper as well since it will help you make it even better. And don’t hesitate to ask others to read your paper and say what they think about it. Writing a paper is easy, and you will be able to understand it yourself.