About me

Hello everyone! My name is Andrew and I am a language enthusiast — I learn languages and like to write texts. I started to write when I got a task at school, I was 15 then. And it was a tough challenge for me as the topic was rather controversial. I’d spent two days in a library searching for exclusive and reliable sources and in the end, I got the highest score. I understood that writing essays and other types of texts brought me pleasure.

It was my first step to the dream — to become a professional academic writer. At first, I started my own blog and shared my thoughts and ideas with subscribers. I gathered much information and worked on it thoroughly. Now, I am a philologist by education and I can say that finding my calling is the best thing ever happened to me. It was the right choice.

Today, I can help other people to cope with their homework as I know how difficult it can be to collect the necessary data and write a structured paper. It requires time, patience, skills. I have spent many hours just practicing writing various types of essays, especially argumentative essays. It is not as easy as might seem. A good essay is a true masterpiece. It proves that a student can analyze the information and draw his or her own conclusions.

Here, I will share my knowledge and lifehacks with everyone in need. I like precise advice, and my posts are always useful and can serve as true how-to-do guides. It will not take much time to read my posts as I like the information devoid of vacuity. So, feel free to use my tips and tricks. Leave comments, ask questions, I’ll answer with pleasure.